Catnap Hammock

What is Catnap Hammock?

We all know how much cats love to laze around during the day. Here’s introducing a cozy cat bed made exclusively for cats to laze in and sleep. The Catnap Hammock is a cozy hammock designed for your cats to comfortably sleep and lounge in throughout the day.



Catnap Hammock CLAIMS

Perfect for any size cat
Catnap Hammock is the perfect cozy cat bed for cats of all sizes. So no matter what size your cat is, they can enjoy napping and lounging in the Catnap Hammock.


Catnap Hammock is reversible, giving you the option of choosing to display any two sides: the leopard print or a solid beige color.


Maximum weight supported
Catnap Hammock is both strong and durable. It is mounted on a natural wooden frame that can hold up to 22 pounds.
Great for both indoor and outdoor use.The Catnap Hammock can be used both indoors and outdoors.


Machine washable
Catnap Hammock is machine washable making it very easy to clean and wash. Your cat is sure to love the coziness and warmth the Catnap Hammock offers! Order the Catnap Hammock today and watch your pet cat comfortably sleep and lounge in the Catnap Hammock!


Catnap Hammock Reviews

The Catnap Hammock holes do not line up and the strings are too short. There is no adjustment available pursuant to instructions. The screwdriver that came with it was #1 and should be #2. After fixing, the Catnap Hammock did not support a cat which is 20 pounds.

The strings for the Catnap Hammock are not the correct length. Two on each side are way too short so you may have to buy your own strings and try to fix the Catnap Hammock. The advertising is rather wrong – there is no way that 22 pounds of cat can fit on the Catnap Hammock. With an 11 pound cat on the Catnap Hammock there is certainly no room for another cat.

The Catnap Hammock is way too small! The cat in the picture must be a kitten because normal-sized cats don’t even come close to fitting. The picture is misleading. Please make the Catnap Hammock bigger!

A 3 lb kitten barely fits in the Catnap Hammock. The photo is clearly of an adult cat in a larger version of the same Catnap Hammock.

The Catnap Hammock isn’t designed all that well for larger cats. If you have kittens or smaller adult cats, these would work better for them.

The screws that came with the Catnap Hammock were different sized (packaging indicates they are all one size) and the holes were not drilled correctly. The instructions are very simple, but the Catnap Hammock is kind of shabby.

You will be so disappointed in the Catnap Hammock. It has a poor design and is very unstable.

The Catnap Hammock is horrible; you cats will not go near it. It’s unbalanced, and tips over if the try to get on it.

Wood was warped. Pre-made holes were not drilled all the way through. It had a missing screw. Had to sand it down where it was warped, drill holes. It is wobbly and unstable and your cats will hate it.

Even after tightening the screws of the Catnap Hammock it was still so wobbly. The wood was also chipped.

There are no directions and no screws. Pretty difficult to get the strings tightened as the eyelet hook can only be twisted so far before the string falls off.

No real instructions on how to assemble the hammock – tried to rearrange the roped but it still does not look like the picture. Cats will not use it- even if you put catnip on it.

The Catnap Hammock is such poor quality that you can barely assemble it. Tightening the screws as much as possible but the Catnap Hammock was still so wobbly. The wood was also chipped. You will regret buying this disillusioning hammock.

Catnap Hammock is a kitten death trap. Don’t ever use it.


Catnap Hammock Q & A

What is the material of the Catnap Hammock?
A-No idea. The review states the material is good.

Is the Catnap Hammock big enough for a Ragdoll cat that is 25lbs?
A-It is not recommended for a big kitty.

Can the Catnap Hammock be used for a medium sized rabbit? How durable is it? It says 6 kilos which is 13 lbs, but I’m a little skeptical.
A-Have used one Catnap Hammock for rats and one for a ferret. The male rats love theirs and haven’t torn it up. The females chewed a strap but it can be fixed. The hammock itself is a decent one. It would probably be okay for a rabbit.

Is the Catnap Hammock washable?
A-Try washing the Catnap Hammock in cool water with mild detergent, but hang it to dry, or use a low heat dryer setting.

What are the dimensions of the cloth part in inches?
A-They have not mentioned it.


What do I get?
Catnap Hammock costs $19.99 + $7.99 shipping. You can add another unit for an additional $9.99.

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