Whirly Ball

What is Whirly Ball?

It’s a bright LED galaxy ball created for people of all ages to have fun with while playing.



Amazing Features

Whirly Ball could be just what children as well as elders will like playing with as it flies up to 15 feet high and glows with colourful LED lights. Whirly Ball guarantees complete fun for entire family and friends. Its makers claim that it doesn’t require a remote control as it works with infrared sensor induction suspension technology that helps the ball float. Whirly Ball can be recharged with an USB cable and does not require batteries.


Perfect for Indoors and Outdoors
The makers of Whirly Ball claim that it can be operated indoors as well as outdoors with its colourful glowing LED technology. One can perform various gravity-defying tricks with it and surprise people anywhere. One just needs to make sure that it’s not windy while Whirly Ball is being used.


Easy to operate
Whirly Ball is easy to operate and can be used by kids without fear of harm. Its blades are safe as they can stop automatically when they come in contact with any surface. Whirly Ball can also be easily stopped with any remote when necessary.


Whirly Ball Q & A

Q. Is age recommendation provided on the box of Whirly Ball? I need to be sure before gifting it to a child.
A. Whirly Ball is recommended for children above eight.

Q. How can I know it’s fully charged?
A. When Whirly Ball is getting charged, its light is red, which turns green after it gets fully charged.

Q. Are the blades of Whirly Ball sharp? What if a child pokes a finger in it while it’s flying?
A. The blades aren’t sharp, but it’s better to accompany small kids when they play with it.

Q. Can I play with two Whirly Balls simultaneously?
A.you can do that, provided you use both hands adeptly and ensure that the balls don’t get entangled with each other while flying.

Q. Is it a dual voltage charger or 110V?
A. Whirly Ball charger specs are 110-220V. Also, it is compatible with any USB port or a smart phone charger.

Q. Is Whirly Ball robust or does it break easily?
A. Whirly Ball is durable enough and operates like any other soft toy. When playing indoors, if there aren’t a lot of objects inside and outdoors, if you fly it in open space, your Whirly Ball won’t break so easily.

Q. How high can Whirly Ball fly?
A. Whirly Ball can fly up to 15 feet from ground.

Q. In how much time does Whirly Ball get charged” For how long does it fly when fully charged?
A. It gets charged via USB which doesn’t take too long. It can fly for 10 minutes since it requires a significant amount of energy to hover in the air.

Q. Can I make Whirly Ball move back and forth or up and down?
A. Yes, you can, if you’re confident enough and familiar with how Whirly Ball operates. Basically, its infrared induction senses your hands and make it move around accordingly (e.g. if you place your hand under the ball, it moves up. If you place your hand on the right side of the ball, it will move left).

Q. Do I need a remote control to operate Whirly Ball?
A. No. Whirly Ball does not require a remote control. Its infrared sensors act as a remote while your hands get it moving.

Q. Can I plug the USB in a wall socket to charge my Whirly Ball?
A. Yes, you can use a smart phone charger with USB socket to charge it.

Q. How long can a Whirly Ball fly?
A. Whirly Ball can fly up to 10 minutes once it is fully charged.

Q. Does the Whirly Ball glow in the dark?
A. Yes, it glows in the dark with several eye-catching colours.

Q. Why do I need my hand to control Whirly Ball? When do I use a remote?
A. You need to use your hands to help the Whirly Ball float in the air. Once switched on, it needs to be flipped upwards so that it takes flight. Once the ball senses any movement below it, such as your hand, it will rise upward. If you place your hand to your right, the ball will move toward left. The infrared sensors technology of the ball makes it happen.


Whirly Ball REVIEW

Whirly Ball has been appreciated as a great concept by quite a few users. At the same time, they’re also concerned about the safety features that a remote control helicopter like this offers. They are rather wary about the design and operation of the Whirly Ball. For instance, a user has actually said that he could not get himself to use Whirly Ball after it arrived. He got the feeling that Whirly Ball is too dangerous to be used around his child due to its prop blade.

Further, a customer complained that Whirly Ball that he ordered turned out to be defective. A part was missing and so was one of the stabilizing arms at the top, due to which it went out of control and banged into objects.

Whirly Ball, according to some more users, doesn’t stay in the air unless they push it up manually with hands. Although it’s mentioned that your hand need to be below Whirly Ball to propel it up, it just falls down. One user finds its motor very noisy. Its blades also seem much too fast and keeping hands beneath it pointless.

Whirly Ball, at the same time, has also been called satisfactory by some customers who find it fun. However, they feel that the battery of Whirly Ball should last longer than five minutes when charged fully. Some users have said that when the battery of Whirly Ball starts getting low, it falls down faster. They say they have noticed that it doesn’t respond to hand motions and the remote when it is running low on battery.

One reviewer has also that though Whirly Ball didn’t come with instructions, he found it easy to begin using it. She says her family likes Whirly Ball a lot and is impressed with its sturdiness.


What do I get?
You can get Whirly Ball for $14.99 + $6.99 P&H. A second ball is added to your order for another $6.99,
Official Website:buywhirlyball.com

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