360 Cordless Spinner Vac by THANE REVIEW

About 360° Cordless Spinner Vac

The 360° Cordless Spinner-Vac claims to be a lightweight, cordless vacuum that is designed to clean in any direction on any surface. 360 Cordless Spinner Vac promises to makes cleanup fast and easy with its advanced 360° swivel joint that lets you clean any floor surface effortlessly! The 360° Cordless Spinner-Vac states that it features a super-powered rechargeable battery that gives you a full 25 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning power.



360° Cordless Spinner Vac CLAIMS

The 360° Cordless Spinner-Vac states that it is designed with 360° spin glide technology giving you ultra-light multi-directional maneuvering. It promises to deep clean even the dirtiest carpet, glides over hard surfaces with ease and picks up everything it comes across. Such fancy claims can be substantiated only once the 360° Cordless Spinner-Vac is reviewed.

Unlike big corded vacuums that cannot move under couches, chairs and beds, the 360° Cordless Spinner-Vac claims to have an easy flex-arm that makes it a breeze to clean under hard to reach places. Simply press the button and the 360° Cordless Spinner-Vac maintains that it moves low under couches, chairs and beds with ease. This claim can be proved only after we analyze the 360° Cordless Spinner-Vac reviews.

The 360° Cordless Spinner-Vac declares that its secret is the body motion universal joint technology which makes any turn of your wrist a matching turn of the vacuum. The 3 dynamic swivel casters allow the vacuum to roll freely in any direction giving you 360° of freedom. This claim of the 360° Cordless Spinner-Vac will be attested only once users review the 360° Cordless Spinner-Vac.

Battery – The 360° Cordless Spinner-Vac emphasizes that is powered by a powerful and compact lithium ion battery.

One touch dirt tray – It also states that it features a one touch dirt tray that empties in only seconds.


360 Cordless Spinner Vac REVIEWS

Debra Parker claims in her 360 Cordless Spinner Vac review that it has a very small dirt compartment. It has no filters so the fine dust she was trying to use it on came back up through the small openings that are for the clips to release the dustbin, covering the whole machine.

Linda Simmons bought the 360 Cordless Spinner Vac and writes in her review-“Pet hair that isn’t that long tends to wrap around the brushes, meaning that if I’m vacuuming up any sort of hair, I’ll have to clean the brushes every time. Since I mostly bought it to clean up pet mess (dust and hair from chinchillas and dog), this has limited usefulness for me, but it’s not bad at all for casual quick vacuums of a hard floor”.

Another person, Kathryn Barnes, says in her review- “It has been my experience that the Vac does a fair to good job on very low pile carpet and floor mats. However on smooth surfaces, like linoleum, I often find myself “chasing” debris around the floor as the Vac blows the debris ahead of its self. On the plus side, the battery holds a charge for a long time and I’m able to use the Vac several times before needing to recharge”.

Denise Gonzalez is not too happy with the 360 Cordless Spinner Vac and states in her review that she bought this to vacuum up kitty litter (regular and clay) on her hardwood floor and it didn’t do too well. She adds that it works fine on moderate to thin carpet.

In her review of the 360 Cordless Spinner Vac, Jasmine Rose states-“I like the way it cleans scatter rugs, but because we have a long haired dog, the hair tends to not only get caught up in the brushes, but along the edges of the rotators, and in order to clean properly, I had to use a thin object to remove the hairs from the side brushes”.

Margie Wood does not recommend the 360 Cordless Spinner Vac and claims in her review that she likes the whole concept, but says it takes longer to clean the Vac for future use, than it takes to clean the kitchen floor.

Esther Brady says in her review that the 360 Cordless Spinner Vac does a very good at loose debris on hardwood floors and tile but is not good at picking up pet hair. It tends to disperse it more than pick up, unless the pet hair is clumped. But when you need to quickly vacuum the floors this does the job when in a hurry. She further adds that the 360 Cordless Spinner Vac does not replace a regular vacuum and it is not that great on carpet at all.

Kristen Baker says in her 360 Cordless Spinner Vac review that it can fling stuff around if you go too slow and will miss some stuff if you go too fast. You just have to adjust your vacuuming speed to find just the right speed, which is not that hard to do.

Casey Hines is satisfied with the performance of the 360 Cordless Spinner Vac and says in her review of the 360 Cordless Spinner Vac -“This is a great replacement for a traditional broom. Works perfect on hardwood or kitchen/bathroom floors, but not so much on carpet. I notice if I use it on my carpet, I often need to take all the pieces out to take off hair that gets tightly tangled around the bristles, which is a pain. Other than that, I think it’s great”.

Another user, Michelle Watson, who purchased the 360 Cordless Spinner Vac writes in her review- “Works pretty well for quick pick-ups. Not recommended for larger rooms with hard wood. If you get anything hard stuck in the bristles, it scratches your floor”.

Sarah Roberts is disappointed with the 360 Cordless Spinner Vac and says in her review-“It makes lots of noise and for small stuff like rice grain and tiny bread pieces it does not pick it up the first-time. I will say in most cases I have to try 3 times. It also has a high noise level but other than that it is very light in weight and easy to handle. It runs for approx. 25 minutes in one charge which is good for this size machine”.

Angelica Collier states in her 360 Cordless Spinner Vac review-“On my wood floor, it actually blows the dust bunnies away from it rather than into the chamber on the bottom. It does collect dust, hair, etc., but misses a lot because of the air blowing. It’s still better than getting out a dust pan and collecting the dust that way”.

Lorena Davis used the 360 Cordless Spinner Vac and mentions in her 360 Cordless Spinner Vac review that the Vac is okay on hardwood floors, tile and linoleum in general. On hard wood floors it flings the dirt around instead of actually vacuuming it up. It is not so great on area rugs for dog hair.


360 Cordless Spinner Questions and Answers

Q. Is the 360 Cordless Spinner good for picking up dog hair?
A. Not as good as a real vacuum.

Q. Does it work on sculptured carpet?
A. Yes, it will but it does best on bare floors and very low pile carpets. It is not a substitute for a vacuum!

Q. Does the 360 Cordless Spinner scatter debris when cleaning tile floors?
A. Yes it does.

Q. Is the 360 Cordless Spinner noisy?
A. It does make a noise, but nothing like a vacuum.

Q. How is this on ceramic tile?
A. Okay.

Q. Does it work on dog hair?
A. It works alright but if it is used on long, shaggy hair you have to clean out the bristles frequently.

Q. Is the 360 Cordless Spinner touchless cleaning?
A. You just hold it over the garbage can and push the button to dump it. You may have to remove string or thread items from the brushes.

Q. What is the cleaning path width of the 360 Cordless Spinner?
A. Not sure but approximately 11.5 inches wide.

Q. Does the 360 Cordless Spinner work to pick up staples and paperclips?
A. Not good with staples and paperclips. These get stuck in brushes.

Q. What is the warranty?
A. 90 days.

Q. How do I remove the filter?
A. There is no filter to remove.

Q. Where is it manufactured?
A. China.

Q. Is it a vacuum cleaner?
A. No.

Q. What battery does it take?
A. Lithium Ion.


360 Cordless Spinner Vac by Thane VERDICT

Going by the reviews 360 Cordless Spinner Vac worked decently for some depending on the type of floor or carpet while some do not recommend its use even if the whole concept is good.

You can get this vac on amazon.com for $105.17, also it has 3.3 star ratings which quite average. There are many vacs in the market available approx. in the same price range with better quality and ratings. You can look for Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner on amazon.com for $109 having 4 star ratings and 9164 customer reviews. It is also featured as the amazon’s choice product. You will also find many more options better than 360 Cordless Spinner Vac in all price range.

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vaccum Cleaner is a better replacement for 360 Cordless Spinner Vac as it has got better ratings and comparatively more reviews thus increasing the chance to know about this product more. However it is advisable to search thoroughly the products according to your requirements and budget and also read the reviews for the better understanding of the usage of the product, as we here recommend best product in comparison to 360 Cordless Spinner Vac considering its specs and functionalities.


What do I get?
Please check the Official Website THANEINC.com | Order the 360° Cordless Spinner-Vac today!

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