Purr N Play

What is Purr N Play?

It is a matfor cats which can be used as floorcovering and also doubles as a toy that keeps them occupied for long. The creators of Purr N Play introduce it as the ultimate accessory for cats that is great to play with also has multiple uses.



Purr N Play CLAIMS

Limitless Fun andPracticality for Cats
Purr N Play is a mat with soft surface on which cats can sit, sleep and even roll in. Purr N Play has several big holes all over it, through with cats can jump in and out, peep outside and have fun. Cats also enjoy scratching Purr N Play instead of furniture, which means there’s no damage to your tasteful belongings.


Easy to Use and Store
The makers of Purr N Play further highlight the point that it is easy to roll and pack up. That means Purr N Play can be rolled up instantly and put away anywhere for convenient storage. It also relieves you of the choreof keeping an eye on your pet cats when you’re busy or worry about them when you are out. You just need to unfold the mat and then fold it back when done.


What do I get?
2 set Purr N Play just for $19.95 + S/H

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  1. This is a fraudulent product. this product does not exist. remove this review. the real product is called the ripple rug

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