JML 8-in-1 Multi Torch REVIEW

What is 8-in-1 Multi Torch As per the infomercial it is a multi-utility torch that features 7 other useful utility tools that can come in handy anytime. 8-in-1 Multi Torch is a torch that comprises of multiple useful tools tucked inside its handle. The bright LED flashlight has multiple modes to serve various purposes.



8-in-1 Multi Torch CLAIMS

Utility Tool Set – 8-in-1 Multi Torch proclaims to be the perfect tool to have during emergencies. It features an LED torch along with 7 other useful tools inside a single handle. These tools include scissors, wrenches, bottle opener, screwdriver, safety cutter, glass hammer to break glass in emergencies and a sharp blade. At this point of time there are no 8-in-1 Multi Torch reviews available that will confirm or deny its claims.

High-quality tools – 8-in-1 Multi Torch guarantees that each of its tools are designed to perform amazingly well under emergencies. The torch itself has two – wide and narrow beams to look in the dark. 8-in-1 Multi Torch alleges to act as a powerful flashlight to signal your position from a faraway distance. 8-in-1 Multi Torch We shall know more about 8-in-1 Multi Torch once it has been reviewed. 8-in-1 Multi Torch assures that even with multiple tools it’s is compact design fits in in a pocket or the glove box compartment of the car for maximum portability. Such fancy claims by 8-in-1 Multi Torch will be validated once users review it.

Bright LED flashlight – 8-in-1 Multi Torch claims to be a powerful LED flashlight that can help brighten up dark areas quickly and easily. 8-in-1 Multi Torch states to have a wide safety beam that offers a broad or narrow view for the road and a focused beam that can help to work on things up close. It also has a flashlight light mode to signal your position. These fanciful claims made by 8-in-1 Multi Torch will be proved once its reviewed.


8-in-1 Multi Torch REVIEW

8-in-1 Multi Torch review reveals that the side panels on 8-in-1 Multi Torch feel off quickly. The torch is cheaply built with a very easy-to-press power button which can turn on accidentally. It is so soft that stowing it switches on by simply rolling inside the glove compartment. It doesn’t last long too and stopped working after mere 6 months from the purchase date.

8-in-1 Multi Torch review states that 8-in-1 Multi Torch has a very poor build quality. The metal cover came off easily and needed gluing to stay put. Apart from the glued body parts it does look decent and works fine for the price it comes for. The drawback is the use of three AAA batteries when a single re-chargeable battery would have been better for use.

8-in-1 Multi Torch review says that its body is thinly built and one of the 8-in-1 Multi Torch ordered came broken during delivery. It is a complete waste of money.

8-in-1 Multi Torch review asserts that 8-in-1 Multi Torch comes with lot many flaws. The inner battery compartment was missing a spring which rendered the LED torch mode in 8-in-1 Multi Torch useless. The reviewer tried another piece of 8-in-1 Multi Torch but found the packaging is also quite cheap which may cause damage during delivery.

8-in-1 Multi Torch review says that the product is decent. The issue is the lack of instruction manual or description that will help to understand the different tools provided. Also there is no way to figure out the flashlight functions easily.

8-in-1 Multi Torch review complaints that 8-in-1 Multi Torch is a complete waste of money. It has poor build quality, higher failure rates and can be activated accidentally too easily. The metal plate behind 8-in-1 Multi Torch fell right out of the box and the seat belt cutter is not sharp enough to even cut through a piece of paper. It is a high concept packaged poorly. The LED light of 8-in-1 Multi Torch is decent but other all tools are just not useful.

8-in-1 Multi Torch review says that it was delivered with faulty mechanism. Even after changing the batteries there was nothing that could make 8-in-1 Multi Torch work.

8-in-1 Multi Torch review asserts that it is decent for its price and sturdy. It’s on and off button on the side is pretty sensitive though and can cause accidental switching on and battery drain.

8-in-1 Multi Torch review complaints that 8-in-1 Multi Torch is poorly packaged and is something similar to cheaply built Chinese items. The review suggests that 8-in-1 Multi Torch offers similar cheap build as its metal grip is so cheaply glued that it came right off after taking it out of the box. The stainless steel even had some rust on it that makes 8-in-1 Multi Torch no value for money.

8-in-1 Multi Torch review reveals that 8-in-1 Multi Torch promises a lot on paper and doesn’t come through in actuality. The parts on its body are glued on so poorly that they keep falling off. The tools are made using soft metal. Such a material is not long-lasting and does no good while performing their dedicated functions. In fact over little time the soft metal tools start to dull down and can even break easily. 8-in-1 Multi Torch LED light is decent though and works as promised.

8-in-1 Multi Torch review complaints that it’s cheaply build body comes right off and the plates keep falling off. The tools also aren’t sharp enough to do anything. The only thing that functions fine is the torch.

8-in-1 Multi Torch review says that it is a good tool kit but is a little poorly constructed. The hammer of 8-in-1 Multi Torch is useless and breaks upon use. The idea behind the tool is good but the material used is not durable. The LED light consumes a lot of battery but is decent to fill in for darker areas. The tools however are not worth the money. These tools are poorly built and the review suggests that they may not perform the function they are made for. The window-breaker is not great and once out, doesn’t stow back in its position easily. For the price paid for 8-in-1 Multi Torch, the quality is not up to the mark. The metal plates on 8-in-1 Multi Torch are poorly glued in and keep falling off. These metal plates are sharp and jagged which can cut the skin. It is clearly not build to last long.


8-in-1 Multi Torch Questions and Answers

Question: Does 8-in-1 Multi Torch include an SOS mode?
Answer: No, it has a flashlight light mode.

Question: How long does its battery last?
Answer: It complete depends on the brand of batteries being used and the frequency of usage.

Question: Does rechargeable batteries work in 8-in-1 Multi Torch ?
Answer: Yes rechargeable batteries work in it but it is recommended to use alkaline ones as they last longer.

Question: Where is 8-in-1 Multi Torch made in?
Answer: China

Question: What is the lumen rating of 8-in-1 Multi Torch?
Answer: 300

Question: How small is 8-in-1 Multi Torch? Does it fit comfortably in the hand and can be stowed easily?
Answer: It is not too large and is perfectly designed to fit in the hand for easy use. The compact size provides a great alternative to use the tools too and can be stored with ease.

Question: What batteries go in 8-in-1 Multi Torch ?
Answer: It requires three AAA batteries to run

Question: Is there a way to change the bulb in 8-in-1 Multi Torch ? It blew out within minutes of use out of the box.
Answer: 8-in-1 Multi Torch does not come with any information. Poor build and quality is a consisting review given by users.


What do I get?
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