AbDominator REVIEW

What is AbDominator?

It claims to be multi-directional core workout device that helps in achieving a complete abs workout in just a few minutes right at home.



AbDominator CLAIMS

Building a strong core – AbDominator guarantees that its exclusive design will help individuals achieve a powerful core workout that will shape the abs and strengthen the core. Unlike traditional unidirectional rollers, AbDominator promises to offer a multi-directional workout so the body gets a full range of motion. At this point in time, there are no AbDominator reviews available to attest its claims.

Better Workouts – AbDominator assures that its multi-directional design works multiple muscle groups or an effective workout. This design also convinces to allow perform exercises such as S-curves, Figure 8, and Arcs. There are many more workouts available at its library that allege to offer a complete core workout that also hits the arms, back, legs, and butt. Send us your reviews if you have used AbDominator.

Innovative Design – AbDominator emphasizes to have a compact design that can be easily stored when not in use. It assures that users can use it small or large areas and on hardwood floors and even carpets. We will await AbDominator reviews before accepting or rejecting any of its claims.


AbDominator Reviews

Elisa Harvey, an AbDominator customer, reveals in her review that she wasn’t impressed with it and could not get a good workout using it.

On the contrary, Karla Lane’s AbDominator review states that it worked quite well and is smooth to operate regardless of the speed and direction. In her review, she says that she found AbDominator less strenuous on the back over traditional workouts.

Archie Ortega, an AbDominator reviewer, is impressed with its functioning, especially how it moved over the floor in multiple directions. He was happy with its portable, easy-to-use design that is affordable and highly effective at providing a total core workout.


What do I get?
Please check the Official website: BuyAbdominator.com

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