Aqua Camel REVIEW

What is Aqua Camel

As per the infomercial it is a self-watering plant care system that provides the plant with exact amount of water they need for up to 90 days. Aqua Camel promises to be a self-watering system that offers convenience of watering the plant once in 30 to 90 days.



Aqua Camel CLAIMS

Plant nurturing system – This Aqua Camel plant care system alleges to look after the potted plants even when the owners are away from home. Such fanciful claims made by Aqua Camel will be only attested once users review it.

Convenient design – The air-tight water reservoir in Aqua Camel alleges to facilitate the water to the plants by a natural process known as evapotranspiration. The plants smartly take the exact amount of water required from its roots. More shall be revealed once users review it. Aqua Camel states that its high water efficient requires less frequent watering and saves time, labor and water. The smart system is suitable for use for all types of plants and herbs. To match your indoors or go with the outdoor terrain, Aqua Camel declares to be available in two colors – terracotta and dark brown. Does Aqua Camel really take the worries of watering the plant away? User reviews will soon reveal the facts.


What do I get?
Buy Aqua Camel Self-Watering Plant Pot (2 Pack) for £14.99 at | |


Aqua Camel Reviews

Charlotte Ray, an Aqua Camel reviewer, reveals that the pot is wide and unattractive look wise. Also its plastic finish doesn’t make it look as good as actual pots.

Another review by Marty Steele states that Aqua Camel works decently. The only drawback he mentions is the lack of see-through indicator for the water level.


Aqua Camel Questions & Answers

Q. How wide the bottom of the 14” Aqua Camel?
A. It is approximately 10”.

Q. Aqua Camel comes with a description “if using it outside it must be placed under cover”. What does it exactly mean?
A. The system is to be placed under a covered area such as a porch if used in the exterior.

Q. How to find out if Aqua Camel has ran out of water and requires a refill?
A. One can simply shake Aqua Camel and feel the water capacity inside by how it sloshes. The soil too will start to feel dry if the water inside it has exhausted.

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