What is Aqua Dog?

It’s a portable water mug for dogs with an attached bowl to give it a drink of water when out on a walk or drive.



Aqua Dog Questions and Answers

Q. Is AquaDog dishwasher safe?
A. There is no information available.

Q. Can it be hand washed easily?
A. Yes, Aqua Dog’s insides and all parts including the crevices are easily washable with hands.

Q. Does it come with a strap for easy carrying?
A. Yes.

Q. Is AquaDog suitable for a bigger dog such as German shepherd?
A. The bowl holds around 6 to 8 oz of water and constantly requires squeezing of the bottle for the water to stay up. This means it is more of less for little dogs as a source of water while traveling or walking.

Q. Are the dimensions of AquaDog good enough to fit in a standard bike frame water bottle holder?
A. Yes, it fits perfectly well in any standard holder.

Q. What material is Aqua Dog made from?
A. The bottle is made from plastic which is dishwasher safe and also BPA free.

Q. Where is it manufactured?
A. AquaDog is made in China.

Q. How many ounces does it hold?
A. This holds approximately 20 ounces of water.

Q. Is the squeezing action easy?
A. Aqua-Dog is created with a easy to squeeze design.

Q. What does the Velcro strap do?
A. Aqua-Dog’s Velcro strap is provided as an easy attachment mechanism to a backpack, bike frame, belt/belt loop, and can be also used as a handle for easy carrying.

Q. Is the bowl sturdy and durable?
A. Yes it has a solid construction.

Q. Is Aqua Dog spill proof?
A. Yes, it shouldn’t spill water even if it is tipped over. The water only supposed to come out when it is squeezed.


Aqua Dog Review

Ian Howell who used Aqua Dog says in his review that the water bowl is not well designed. The water just doesn’t stay in the bowl and requires constant squeezing to ensure the water doesn’t go back in the bottle.

Kristine Terry claims in her Aqua Dog review that it is smaller than what it looks like in the advertisement. She further adds in her review that AquaDog is not made using quality material and won’t last long. It is a good concept though but requires improvement and a way to push the water to top when it reaches near the last third of the bottle.

One user Lucia Paul who used AquaDog states in her review that the bottle leaks and has an unreliable squeezing mechanism that makes it completely useless. She also reveals in her AquaDog review that it hardly holds water; the moment water is squeezed in it the water drains back into the bottle immediately.

Leo Conner has similar complaints in his Aqua Dog review. He says that the plastic bottle portion is quite cheap and the water doesn’t stay in the bowl even for few seconds. It makes it difficult for pups and dogs to drink from the bowl unless one is constantly squeezing the bottle. As per his review, AquaDog comes with great promise but is simply a gimmick.

Another user, Byron Patrick, who bought AquaDog asserts in his review that the design is simply awkward to use. It is more like a game rather than an easy drinking bowl for the dogs. His review also sheds some light on the quality of AquaDog and states that it is not only disappointing in quality but also in size and doesn’t justify its price tag.

Kristin Sherman, a user who tried Aqua Dog wrote in her review that it didn’t function well enough and made a lot of noise while squeezing. In her review, Aqua Dog seems to be a difficult product to use.

Lori Thompson says in her AquaDog review that she should had read other user review about Aqua Dog since it has design problems. In her reviews she also mentions that the bottle is too small for larger dogs. Plus Aqua Dog requires holding and squeezing action taking place while the dog is drinking which can be off putting to the dog.

Nick Osborne’s Aqua Dog review reveals that it might be a good bottle for smaller dogs only. The review applauds the concept but not the actual bottle.

Another user Brooke Dunn writes a review of AquaDog where she mentions that it might be too big and bulky to carry. It is not something that can be carried to hikes easily.

Tami Saunders, a Aqua Dog customer in her review says that it is a great idea but a difficult product. If they find out a way to keep the water in the bowl after squeezing, AquaDog can really work well.

Another Aqua Dog user named Tanya Washington’s review asserts that it is cheaply made and leaks when tipped over. In her Aqua Dog review she suggests that it would have done better with a twist valve to prevent leakage.



Handy Water Mug for Dogs – Aqua Dog proclaims to prevent the hassle of making the dog drink water from your bottle or carrying a bottle and bowl separately when out. It alleges that you just need to fill the container with water and squeeze it to fill the attached bowl as the pet laps it up. When the dog is done drinking, releasing the Aqua Dog container drains the water back into the bottle without spilling.

Ideal for all sizes and breeds – The secret of Aqua Dog maintains to be the auto pump that fills the bowl when the container is squeezed and empties when released. The extraction rod of the mug asserts to go right till the bottom so that the dog can drink till the last drop. Aqua Dog promises to be ideal for dogs of all sizes, breeds, and ages and can be carried anywhere even if spending a cold day in the car. Aqua Dog is convinced to provide the dog with its personal bowl. Aqua Dog declares to fit the mug holder of any car.


What do I get?
You can get one Aqua Dog for $12.99 + $6.99 shipping. This includes a belt/wrist carry loop and 5-year guarantee.
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2 Comments on "Aqua Dog REVIEW"

  1. I feel it is not working the way they say it does in their ads
    1). You have to squeee real hard. Peopel with arthritis or joint problem. Very hard
    2 ) The moment you release the squeeze the water drains back
    3). Need to hold the saqueez tight to keep the water in the bowl. If not drains back.
    4) not spill proof
    5 ) called and complained. They were nice enought to replce it. But issues did not get resolved. Samw problema

    I think i made a mistake buying (2) it
    Think Twice before buying it

  2. Lynn Recknor | 26th June 2017 at 2:16 am | Reply

    I bought 2 for my dog to take to the dog park. You can’t tighten the lids and when you think they are tight, they either pop off when you squeeze the the bottle or leak when tilted. They are a waste of money. I went back to a bowl and bottle of water.

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