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About Slip On Pedi Slippers

Slip On Pedi Slippers claims to be a pair of gel-lined slippers that moisturizes the feet. It asserts to transform dry and cracked feet to soft and supple ones in an inexpensive way right at home. Unlike gels and pedicure tools, Slip On Pedi Slippers asserts to be worn like a pair of regular slippers. It states to comprise nourishing gel inside that works on the feet so that they become soft and callus free.



Slip On Pedi Slippers CLAIMS

Soft, nourished feet – Slip On Pedi Slippers emphasizes to repair, re-hydrate, and rejuvenate the skin of the feet by simply wearing them like regular slippers. The gel lining of the slippers alleges to have 7 botanical oils – Avocado, Olive, Mineral, Jojoba, Grape Seed, Soybean, and Canola. Is this composition of oils in Slip On Pedi Slippers true or false will be known once users review it.

Smart Design – The smart and comfortable slipper-like design of Slip On Pedi Slippers is stated to be worn for a few minutes a day to achieve great results. Slip On Pedi Slippers declares to be available in small/medium or large/extra-large size. Whether or not Slip On Pedi Slippers is worth the money will be known once users review it. There is no sticky residue assured while it moisturizes the feet. Whether Slip On Pedi Slippers really replaces pedicure will be known once users review it.


Slip On Pedi Slippers REVIEWS

Mandy Underwood, a Slip On Pedi Slippers reviewer, reveals that she has been wearing it for a few hours each since a week. She calls her experience uncomfortable and compares it to slipping on cold, wet socks. But as per her review, Slip On Pedi Slippers did make her feet feel moisturized and soft after taking them off. The problem she writes in her Slip On Pedi Slippers review is that the results of these slippers are not a permanent fix for dry feet. She suggests in her review that users can get better nourishment by using moisturizing balm at night instead of using Slip On Pedi Slippers.

A Slip On Pedi Slippers customer, Nicole Beck, shows concern regarding the gel in her review. She worries if the gel is safe or toxic and if it will support the growth of bacteria. The problem she points out in her Slip On Pedi Slippers review is that they feel very unclean on using over the time and might be attracting germs. Even after freshening them inside out and washing the feet between uses, it feels unclean.

Karen black too complains in her Slip On Pedi Slippers review that the gel inside might be harboring bacteria. Also, her review states that Slip On Pedi Slippers failed to work as a permanent solution even after regular use.

Carole Jordan calls Slip On Pedi Slippers weird in her review. She found the gel unappealing and uncomfortable to wear.

Another Slip On Pedi Slippers review by Debra Matthews also discloses that the insides of the slipper is squishy and can make the feet excessively hot.

A similar complaint is noted in Mable Guerrero’s Slip On Pedi Slippers review where she calls it useless and suggests users to not spend their money on it.

One customer, Beverly Dawson, writes in her Slip On Pedi Slippers review that purchasing it as a permanent solution for cracked, callused feet is pointless. Her review exposes Slip On Pedi Slippers as a waste of money since they don’t work as expected. She suggests using some well-researched lotion on the feet instead of trying these slippers.

According to Marta Diaz’s Slip On Pedi Slippers review, they are difficult to slip on the feet and feels hot inside.

Diana Watkins too finds Slip On Pedi Slippers awkward from the inside and says in her review that they feel like walking in snot. She also discloses in the review that Slip On Pedi Slippers are tough to put and take off and they are not something that can be worn comfortably around the house.

A Slip On Pedi Slippers review by Bessie Sanchez reveals that they don’t stay on but do the trick. Her review does mention that Slip On Pedi Slippers is overpriced though.


What do I get?

  • 2 Slip-On Pedi Gel-Lined Slippers

Price: $19.95 CDN plus $15.90 CDN processing and handling | Official website:

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