Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpener REVIEWED

About Bavarian Edge

Are you tired of a draw full of knives but not one sharp knife? Here’s introducing the Bavarian Edge, the most innovative knife sharpener that promises to make knives razor sharp in an instant. Why don’t you let us know if the Bavarian Edge really works as promised in your Bavarian Edge review?



Bavarian Edge CLAIMS

Bavarian Edge states that its two independent spring action arms made of made of ultra tough Tungsten Carbide flexes and contours to any blade or angle to bring any knife back to life!But we will need the Bavarian Edge reviews to validate this claim.

The Bavarian Edge promises to sharpen dull and damaged knives to give you you perfect, razor sharp knives for a perfect cut every time!Does the Bavarian Edge really work as promised? Send us your Bavarian Edge review.

Bavarian Edge also claims to sharpen serrated knives in just seconds!We wouldn’t believe these claims though till we look at and analyze the Bavarian Edge reviews.

Bavarian Edge guarantees your knife will cut, chop, slice and dice just like when they were new.These claims can only be substantiated only once the Bavarian Edge is reviewed.


What do I get?
1 Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpener for $19.99 at the Official Website


Bavarian Edge REVIEWS

Phyllis Bailey mentions in her review – “After sharpening my knives with the Bavarian Edge the knives now just push the skin forward of the tomatoes, earlier the same knives cut cleanly through them, not recommended.”

Barbara Richardson complains in her Bavarian Edge knife sharpener review – “I am disappointed with this sharpener, the reviews made it sound as though this was the best kitchen knife sharpener. This knife sharpener actually eats into the blade and has actually damaged by high quality knives”

Jessica Gray mentions in her review that these are not going to give your knives razor sharp edge.

Janice Ward who herself is a professional chef says in her review that these are not strong enough to sharpen professional knives.

Joyce Murphy is moderately satisfied with the Bavarian Edge sharpener, in her review she says “Its kinda ok, nothing special. I used it on my Sabatier au Carbone knives and the Bavarian Edge made it reasonably sharp but can’t get the surgical sharpness.”

Jane Miller suggests to use the Bavarian Edge in conjunction with an electric sharpener for better results, she too admits there is nothing great about this sharpener and can live without it.

Patti Hunt says in her review “It takes some time to get used to this knife sharpener and it does a fairly good job so do other sharpeners” Bavarian Edge singularly is not capable of giving a sharp edge so she recommends using whetstone for finer edge.

Sally Barnes is worried about the durability of the Bavarian Edge sharpener, and whether the sharpening part can be replaced after it wears out.


Bavarian Edge Questions and Answers

Question: Will the Bavarian Edge make my knives look brand new?
Answer: Nope, Bavarian Edge will only fairly sharpen your knives but will not restore the factory fine sharpness.

Question:Are there any adjustments to be made?
Answer: No adjustments, the quality of the sharpness depends on the pressure you apply.

Question. I am a leftie will that make any difference in the quality of the sharpness?
Answer: None, You just have insert the knife between the sharpening arms and pull them back. Repeat it for 8 to 10 times.

Question. Can Bavarian Edge sharpen ceramic blades?
Answer. No.

Question: Can Bavarian Edge sharpen scissors?

Question. Can Bavarian Edge sharpen Cutco knives with hollow grind and double D serrated edges?
Answer. Not recommended. Cutco provides sharpening service at a minimal price.

Question. Can the Sharpening Arms be replaced?
Answer. Nope, once they wear out and loose the tension you have to dump it.

Question: Where is Bavarian Edge made?
Answer. China

Question:How to use the Bavarian Edge Sharpener?
Answer: Pressing your knife slightly between the arms will sharpen the knife at 12 Degree Half Angle. Pressing the knives hard enough so that the bars move to full extent, will sharpen the knife at 20 degree half angle.

Question: Can this TV knife sharpener be used for other knives other than kitchen?
Answer: Nope.

Our Verdict

Bavarian Edge is a cheap copy and “As Seen On TV” version of much acclaimed
Brod & Taylor Classic Knife Sharpener. After thoroughly analyzing the reviews we conclude that it is not worth investing $20 on the Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpener. We aren’t saying that the Bavarian Edge is a rip-off but just that it is not an unique product and that there are tons of tried and tested knife sharpeners available at that are priced as low as $7, you can choose from one of those.


Compare Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpener with Bavarian Edge DELUXE and Brad & Taylor Knife Sharpener.

6 Comments on "Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpener REVIEWED"

  1. Because I had read so many bad reviews like the ones posted here I actually tried to cancel my order but did not succed an got the sharpener anyway I m really glad I received it because it s work I ve got hand sharpeners electric sharpeners a variety of stones an they do fine but this sharpener really works I love it I get a sharp edge an fast its not going to be a razor sharp edge or surgical but it will be very sharp I m very satisfied

  2. Here one it has been 11 days and i have not got my order yet # way ?

  3. ShaRon Landrew s | 2nd March 2018 at 3:29 pm | Reply

    This only made our knives worse. I wouldn’t recommend the Bavarian Edge. Very disappointed.

  4. If it didn’t work blame your inability to follow directions.
    Sharpens knifes in minutes.

    Good product.

  5. Ronald Michalec | 21st July 2018 at 11:05 pm | Reply

    I am a knife person and know how to sharpen a knife using stones which takes awhile to master. I saw the commercial on TV and thought it could work so for $20 bucks I would give it a try. After waiting 4 weeks for delivery, I received my package directly from China. I opened it up and pulled my favorite pocket knife out and used it to open the box, unwrapped the device and proceeded to give it 10 swiped through the device. Needles to say, my knife isn’t any sharper than when I pulled it out of my pocket. This is a total piece of crap that is hyped to be something that it will never be. The concept will work but only with quality material and workmanship none of which this piece of crap made in China has. I got suckered in again by ruthless hucksters running a scam. I dare one of their “reps” contact me to make it right. F***ers!!!

  6. NELSON A CISNEROS | 16th September 2018 at 10:33 pm | Reply

    I bough a sharpener (vabarian edge) one month ago one of the springs is broken what I have to do, are you going to send to me another one because the guaranty I wait for your instructions. My name Nelson A Cisneros live in New York my E mail Cisneros.n@gmail.con

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