Better Brella vs Kazbrella vs Suprella

What is it? Better Brella vs Kazbrella vs Suprella

Better Brella
It is an innovative umbrella with reverse open close technology. Better Brella has been provided a double canopy layer construction that keeps users dry even when they step into home or get in their vehicle in very heavy rain.

It is a wind-proof inside-out umbrella that is far more proficient at keeping one dry than ordinary umbrellas. Its exclusive patented technology and innovative design have been incorporated in its creation.

It’s an umbrella that opens inside out. Suprella keeps one dry in heavy rain by keeping water from dripping on the floor at home or in the car owing to its unique design provided by tech-savvy designers in Germany. Also, it is two times stronger than a normal umbrella.


How does it work? Better Brella vs Kazbrella vs Suprella

Better Brella
It is projected as the smartest umbrella that prevents water from dripping even after one walks indoors from very heavy rain. It works on the basis of its special reverse open close technology that converts it into a normal umbrella inside out and upside down, which ensures surroundings stay completely dry.

It folds upward when closed, so its top part goes inside and the inside part faces out. It opens with a simple pushing up motion, but that doesn’t force the canopy out immediately; it pushes directly up which makes the design bring the canopy down from up. This mechanism makes using the umbrella safer and stronger which won’t get damaged even in extremely windy rainstorm.

It is an exceptionally strong opens inside out and is two times stronger than a normal umbrella. Because of this new closing mechanism you never get wet again, even when you enter or leave your car. The Suprella is sealed with a special high tech nano coating, so it doesn’t catch and absorb wetness and liquids. The rain drops just roll off of the material. Hands, clothes, floor and furniture stay dry!


What does it do? Better Brella vs Kazbrella vs Suprella

Better Brella
With reverse open close technology integrated in its mechanism, it stops water from dripping and wetting the floor after stepping in from heavy rain.

It prevents water from dripping on the floor as when it is closed, the side that gets wet goes inside and all the water gets collected there. The umbrella can be easily flipped over anywhere water can be poured out, which ensures the floor stays dry.

It comes sealed with state-of-the-art Nano coating with which it prevents wetness and dripping of water on the floor. Rain drops just slip down its surface and everything around stays dry and cozy. Compared to other umbrellas, Suprella also offers double protection from stormy winds and UV rays.


Compare Features: Better Brella vs Kazbrella vs Suprella

Better Brella

  • Ergonomic Design: Better Brella has reverse-open technology that ensures one stays dry even while entering and exiting vehicles as well as home.
  • Superior Quality: Better Brella is provided with double canopy layer construction which lends it exceptional strength. Its high-grade locking mechanism opens and closes the umbrella properly every time, ensuring it doesn’t make a single false move.
  • Convenient and Dependable: It has extra-strong double ribbings neatly inserted in between the canopy layers that endeavor to make it handy and convenient for the user. The button is also smooth, so the umbrella opens instantly. Its handle features slip-free ribbings and ripples that make holding it comfortable.
  • Perfect Size: Better Brella measures 32″ length from tip to handle and has a 41.5′ extra-wide canopy spread, which optimizes its ability to offer maximum protection during heavy rains.
  • Inventive Design: Better Brella is markedly different from ordinary umbrellas in concept and design. It opens and closes in a different way and keeps one dry even in heavy rain. When it is closed, it assumes a waterproof cone shape, which keeps water inside the umbrella and also ensures it doesn’t roll down on the floor.



  • Patented Technology: This special feature of Kazbrella makes it opens inside out, which keeps the wet surface inside when closed and prevents water from falling on the ground.
  • Easy to use: Getting in and out of a vehicle in the rain is made very convenient with Kazbrella shielding you from the rain as it can be closed and carried through the smallest gap of a car door.
  • Kazbrella is to be opened by holding it up vertically and not horizontally like regular umbrellas, so there are no chances of hurting someone standing ahead.
  • Stores Water Sensibly: It keeps water safely within the canopy until it can be drained.
  • Exclusive Movable Tips and Tension System: It offers unflinching support in the strongest wind. Even if it’s blown inside out in case of a windstorm, it can be instantly reinstated back to its original state by pressing a button.



  • Revolutionary Design: Suprella has a double layer inverted design, which keeps the wet surface of the umbrella inside when closed so that water doesn’t dribble on the floor.
  • Opens in the Smallest of Space: Suprella requires minimal space to open up, so entering and getting out of vehicles while it’s raining doesn’t drench the user nor wet the vehicle.
  • UV Protection and Thunderstorm- Resistant: Suprella is made of resilient material which shields one from harmful UV rays and strong wind.
  • Ergonomic Handle: Its comfortable provides perfect grip in every position.
  • Nanotechnology: The Suprella is layered with Nanotechnology elements, so every drop of water rolls down the umbrella and doesn’t get absorbed into its material.
  • German Technology: Suprella is manufactured in Berlin, Germany where highly skilled engineers incorporate their best know-how and innovations to make it the best product.


Benefits: Better Brella vs Kazbrella vs Suprella

Better Brella

  • Its upside down, inside out design t prevents water droplets from wetting the floor. It fold inside out, so there’s no chance of water from rolling down and wetting the floor, thereby keeping it completely dry.
  • It is very easy to use and features a highly innovative design that sets it apart from others.
  • It keeps one’s vehicle dry when used even in heavy rain, courtesy its design that makes it open inside out and averts water from falling on the floor on inside one’s vehicle.
  • It has been designed to assume an ingenuous waterproof cone shape when closed.
  • Being completely wind-resistant, it doesn’t get broken even in heavy downpour or wind due to doubly strong material and innovative construction.


    • Its unique patented technology makes it open inside out, which makes sure rain drops don’t fall on the floor and create mess.
    • Kazbrella ensures that the user’s vehicle also stays dry even while getting in and out of it in heavy rain.
    • It can be opened and closed in the smallest space of a car dооr. It opens and closes vertically unlike other umbrellas, so it can be opened in crowded places also.
    • Kazbrella stores water in its canоpy until it can be emptied whenever it is convenient later.
    • Its mоvable tips and tensiоning system prevents it from damage in the strongest gale. It is also able to gain its original form instantly in case a strong gush of wind blowing happens to turn it inside out.
    • Use of revolutionary 3D printing and advanced technology impart to it highest levels of perfection in quality and performance- something no other umbrella boasts of.


      • Upside down, and inside out design that prevents wetting of floor at home and in the car after stepping in from rain.
      • Suprella is asier to use and is also far more practical in design
      • It is incredibly easy to get in and out of one’s vehicle without getting wet no matter how heavy it rains.
      • It turns into a waterproof cone shape when closed, so water doesn’t spill on the floor and make it risky for someone to slip due to it.
      • It is completely wind-resistant and strong, which makes it durable and can be relied upon.


        • It has a ground-breaking turnaround umbrella with double-layered construction that opens from the inside out.
        • Suprella Pro can be held comfortably in different positions.
        • It requires least amount of space to open and close as it is held vertically for it.

        • It is designed to be kept upright on the floor when not in use, so there’s no need to hold it and get wet. And even if it is held, it won’t make one wet, thanks to use of Nanotechnology in its creation that doesn’t allow water to settle on it beyond a moment.
        • Nano sealing used in the umbrella prevents water retention in the umbrella and keeps it dry.
        • Exceptionally advanced German technology has been used by its makers to design it, which makes it the best quality umbrella.


        Dimensions: Better Brella vs Kazbrella vs Suprella

        Better Brella
        SIZE: 32″ length from tip to handle; 41.5′ extra-wide canopy spread

        Length: 90 cm Diameter of open canopy: 109 cm
        Width (widest point of curved handle): 12 cm

        Height: 85 cm
        Diameter: 2-3 cm when folded


        Material: Better Brella vs Kazbrella vs Suprella

        Better Brella
        Double-Layer canopy and embedded the metal red between its layers

        Its canopy is made from woven pongee polyester cloth.

        Special Nano coating


        Price: Better Brella vs Kazbrella vs Suprella

        Better Brella
        The price of Better Brella is $19.99 USD + $11.9 P&H

        It costs £45.00

        The cost of Suprella is $49.99


        Reviews: Better Brella vs Kazbrella vs Suprella

        Better Brella REVIEW

        The ‘revolutionary’ Better Brella is not what its makers claim it is, according to a disappointed customer who bought it recently. She says Better Brella broke after using just twice and it also gets stuck when in open position and if it locks, you can’t close it. She is not at all happy with this umbrella.

        Better Brella, according to another dissatisfied customer, isn’t useful at all even when it’s drizzling. He says that sometimes its latch does not work and the umbrella closes only partially. Also, one needs to hold it with both hands to keep it open for long.

        Better Brella is also too small in size as it can’t accommodate two people. Quite a few people are saying that and also that they expected it to be bigger and better. Moreover, Better Brella is also not wind-proof. A user who’s used Better Brella in heavy rain and thunder has said she had to hold it with both her hands. She also had a problem with the open locked position. However, she says that closing this umbrella is pretty smooth, and she was able to get inside her car without getting herself wet. She finds Better Brella is overall a bit better than traditional umbrellas.

        One more customer faced problem with Better Brella when the wind just turned the umbrella leaving her wet and struggling to hold this heavy and bulky umbrella. Another user who’s very tall says he has to keep holding Better Brella higher and that causes strain on his hand after prolonged use. He’s said that Better Brella is a good idea but it’s made of very thin material so it’s not completely rain or sun-resistant. What he likes the most about Better Brella is that it really prevents water from dripping on the floor.


        Kazbrella REVIEW

        As a new innovation Kazbrella has surprised many customers. One of them says that the inside out folding technique of Kazbrella that prevents water from dripping on the floor and adjusts in tight spaces is amazing. One more user has expressed happiness with the concept of Kazbrella. She appreciates the way it closes inside out and goes on to compare it with the opening of a flower. Among other unique things that she’s noticed about Kazbrella is its ability to open and close in congested spaces without hurting anyone. She says she can now close her umbrella in very narrow space like her car and the car door. She also spoke of Kazbrella being very strong, which helps her face strong wind and helps her restore it with a single button if it happens to blow inside out.

        Kazbrella is a blessing, so says a customer who’s noticed that it really won’t let a single drop fall down at home. According to her, Kazbrella is also easy to lift and open in the contracted space of her car as well as crowded places without hurting anyone’s eyes. Many other buyers are also of the opinion that Kazbrella’s innovative design solves most problems and gives an umbrella a completely new look and purpose.

        One of the customers has written in describing how she tried using Kazbrella as a beach or garden table and found its canopy being much lower, thereby giving a larger sheltered area. She also thought of using Kazbrella as a baby buggy, which it did very well.

        Customers have also said that most of the flaws of a common umbrella have been taken care of by Kazbrella. They are happy because they now they aren’t ending up with wet hands and water dropping on the floor after they bought Kazbrella.


        Suprella REVIEW

        One customer who bought Suprella has complained that he’s not very impressed with it. She ordered for another brand, which is more durable and better, for a slightly lesser price. She’d like to caution others against buying Suprella.

        Suprella, according to one more customer, is not good quality-wise. He doubts whether it will last long. He’s also unhappy about the packaging in which Suprella arrived as it was tampered with. It only had a single layer of bubble wrap over its handle and it looked as if it had already been opened by someone else.

        One more customer has said that Suprella was delivered to her with the bubble wrap torn and handle having cracks all over. She is also regretting having purchased it and is very uncertain about its durability.

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