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Better Rack claims to be a smart way to stack, store and organize pans in the kitchen. Reaching out to a pan if unorganized may require one to remove all other pans and Better Rack promises to save work and time. It maintains to have a modest capacity that holds up to 5 pans. The claims seems to be too far-fetched, will be confirmed only after Better Rack is reviewed.



Better Rack CLAIMS

The adjustable rack system of Better Rack emphasizes to add flexibility enabling one to store pans irrespective their size. Keeping the kitchen neatly organized it guarantees to support horizontal and vertical storage. It proclaims to fit in any cabinet and also convinces to suit counter top. Does it sound like it too good to be true? Better Rack reviews will soon reveal the facts.

Better Rack asserts to be convenient and easy. It states not to require any installation and declares one just has to place it in the cabinet and Better Rack is all set for use. It also alleges to be suitable for storing cutting boards, glassware, lids, plates, cookbooks and more. At this point of time there are no Better Rack reviews to verify this claim.


Better Rack Review

Pamela Howell says Better Rack is ineffective in holding pans in her review, when it holds one the other pans slide out having to rearrange again. As per the Better Rack review she stores 2 cast iron pans, cuisine art pans and found the storage an ordinary fit.

The rack bars are bent and has black painting marks says Megan Neal in her Better Rack review. According to her Better Rack review it is not sturdy and the rings do not cradle even the smallest pan. It is bulky and does not fit in sliding drawers of bottom cabinets. Megan in her Better Rack review also mentions to be disappointed with representation in digital marketing image that shows similar pan set stored perfectly.

Rosie Clark in her Better Rack review claims that the concept is good, but in functionality the rack does not sit upright. It is not cable to take the weight of pots and pans that are predominantly supposed to be heavy. Her Better Rack review also advises to store only lighter pots and pans.

Sara Carroll in her Better Rack review says she wanted to save space as her kitchen is small. Disappointed by the rack she does not recommend it as per her Better Rack review. It is not capable of holding even a handful of frying pans. The Better Rack review mentions either the pans slip out or are too big. Ineffective in saving kitchen space when stacked hence wall mounting is the only option.

Misty Stokes mentions the rack bends under load in her Better Rack review. The bend reduces the clearance for storage of pans and makes it unproductive to store pans. As per her Better Rack review she has to bend top racks to leave decent room to store and remove the bottom pans. There is inadequate space between shelves whether you store vertically or horizontally. The Better Rack review complains of storage as it ends up taking more space than stacking.

Krystal Alexander in her Better Rack review shares that the rack is satisfactory and serves the purpose. Unhappy with the high gloss finish, a rough surface could have provided better grip. The Better Rack review also mentions that it is compatible for small and shallow pans and the ones with any height do not fit. She credits the great idea but mentions it to be impractical in her Better Rack review.


Better Rack Questions and Answers

Question: What is the highest pan height compatible?
Answer: A height of 3 inches in the middle rack.

Question: What is the width size of Better Rack?
Answer: The upright post is 8 3/4 inches and towards the front it is 7 3/4 inches from back of the rack.

Question: What is Better Rack made of?
Answer: Metal with oil rubbed bronze color

Question: Can Better Rack be stacked?
Answer: The rack is not short enough and not designed to be able to stack.

Question: How is its strength?
Answer: It may be possible to screw the holder into the wall of the cabinet.

Question: Is it capable to manage 14″ cast iron skillets?
Answer: It is not advisable.

Question: Can Better Rack be wall mounted, does it have an angle?
Answer: It can be considered as each shelf is perpendicular to the back.

Question: Can Better Rack be adjusted?
Answer: No, it is not flexible.

Question: Does Better Rack scratch or damage pans?
Answer: No, but it is ineffective in its balance due weak built.

Question: What is the height of Better Rack?
Answer: 15 inches tall.

Question: What is the max weight advisable? Can Better Rack hold all cast iron pans?
Answer: One can store pans smartly by placing cast iron pans in alternate sections.


What do I get?
You get 2 Better Racks for $14.99 + $13.90 S/h at the Official website:

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