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What is Better Sponge

As per the TV infomercial it is anti-bacterial silicone sponge for cleaning virtually anything. It comes with durable, super-soft bristles that virtually clean anything without scratching it.



Better Sponge CLAIMS

Versatile Sponge – Better Sponge alleges to be a unique sponge made using flexible, durable silicone material. Better Sponge guarantees to be the most versatile sponge with three different designs that can cater to various cleaning requirements. More shall be revealed once Better Sponge is reviewed.

Powerful Design – Better Sponge assures to provide a super strong cleaning on tough, baked-on foods, grime, stuck-on food, and even the deepest corners of a deep glass. Its 3000 tiny silicone fingers do the job easily. Also these fingers are declared to be bacterial and mildew resistant. The flexible Better Sponge does make strong points but will be approved once users review it.

Exclusive Features – Better Sponge proclaims to have a versatile design hat can fold and mold in any shape. It also acts as a heat-resistant pot, non-slip gripper, a pet hair remover, and much more. Better Sponge maintains to be dishwasher safe and rinses easily. The built-in suction cup can be used to hang it in the sink for drying off. Does Better Sponge work as promised? Send us your reviews.


Better Sponge Review

Ana Schwartz, a Better Sponge user, writes in her review that its bristles are too soft and is pretty floppy to use. As per her review, Better Sponge is not great for scrubbing foods stuck on a dish.

Another Better Sponge customer Yvonne Kelly reveals in her review that there is no way to get a proper grip on it. It constantly folds in on itself while trying to wash dishes. Additionally her Better Sponge review says that it doesn’t hold soap better and weirdly doesn’t move on stove tops at all.

A Better Sponge review by Myra Maxwell states that it fails to scrub anything and wash clothes perform better comparatively.

Ella Becker wished for a something helpful when she bought Better Sponge. Her review asserts that it is a terrible scrubber and fails to hold soap in it. As per the Better Sponge review, she found that there is no lather that forms up to get a proper cleaning of dishes and utensils.

One other customer Viola Cummings reviewed Better Sponge as a great concept but a failure practically. She couldn’t get a grip on its body while washing dishes. Also, her Better Sponge review reveals that the sponge has no scubbing ability and doesn’t even rub off the easy to slide of food from dishes.

Stacey Berry reviewed Better Sponge as useless and found it too thick to hold it well. It fails to glide smoothly over wet or dry surfaces and instead grabs on it. Her review also says that Better Sponge is bit too soft which doesn’t leave much cleaning power to it.

A customer named Ramona Rice reveals in her Better Sponge review that it is useless and sticks to the dishes instead of scrubbing them. She was highly disappointed with Better Sponge and further adds in her review that it is too floppy to get a real grip to it.

Another Better Sponge review by Mable Rhodes suggests that the sponge fails to work on baked-on messes. Even if someone gets to make it soapy, it’s not easy to hold on while scrubbing. Her review adds that Better Sponge might work better if it had a strap that goes around the hand for a better grip.

Susan Price’s Better Sponge review calls it a waste of money since it flops, breaks, and fails to scrub. It also left a weird smell on the dishes.


Better Sponge Questions and Answers

Q. Will Better Sponge effectively clean a 5 quart grad stainless steel vessel?
A. It is a decent sponge for regular work but might not be good as a scrubber sponge.

Q. What is an easy way to clean small food particles stuck in Better Sponge? Using a toothpick to clean all its teeth is quite tedious.
A. Better Sponge is pretty versatile and can be bent to get the food particles out. Also try washing it in a dishwasher for a thorough cleansing.

Q. What is the easiest way to clean lint and hair off Better Sponge?
A. Rinse it under water or simply put it in a dishwasher.

Q. Will Better Sponge last longer than ordinary sponge?
A. Yes, it’s better than average sponge since it can be cleaned easily and reused.


Better Sponge verdict

Better Sponge is not a new concept. There are many such similar products available in the market. Better Sponge needs a lot of improvement in the design when it comes to cleaning any surface. An alternative to Better Sponge can be Silicone Sponge Dish Washing Brush Scrubber by JJ Company who has a 4.8 star rating. Also another product on similar lines can be SigmaGo Food-Grade Silicone Dish Sponge who has a 4.7 star ratings. In both cases the number of customer reviews and star ratings are more than the Better Sponge on and all are in the same price range. Though Better Sponge is featured as amazon’s choice product in the Sponges under household supplies before deciding to purchase it we would suggest you to search more about this product and compare with similar products and than go with the Sponge suitable for you. We would recommend you to purchase an alternative product for cleaning purpose than Better Sponge any day.


2 Sets of Better Sponge (6 pieces) for $19.95 + $5.95 S/h at the Official website:

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  1. EVERETT Raymond WARZECHA | 13th August 2017 at 11:11 pm | Reply

    I was about to buy the Better Sponge when I saw the reviews from users. After reading all reviews I changed my mind. It is a unique product for certain uses.
    Since most man made things can be improved I would recommend continuing to seek more evaluations and suggestions. Then apply and revitalize the product. Good Luck

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