Better Threader REVIEW | As Seen On TV Threader Busted

About Better Threader

The Better Threader claims to be a simple and natural way to remove unwanted facial hair from the root. Threading is the most harmless, easy and quick facial hair removing technique and is also used in the salons. Facial Hair are so embarrassing for women and waxing is painful, hair remover creams have chemicals that can cause burns and irritation and may cause breakouts, and tweezing is time consuming, the alternative to all these – Threading. But threading delivers results if done by professionals at salon.
Better Threader
The makers of the Better Threader claim that you can now have the same salon quality “threading” in the comfort of your home that promises to deliver professional quality results. With the Better Threader you don’t have to pluck each individual hair. Better Threader claims to remove all the hair at once. Better Threader claims to remove hair from forehead, eyebrows, sideburns, cheeks, upper-lips, chin, arms and even fingers. Better Threader effortlessly and painlessly removes fine and thick hair from your face. Better threader works on all skin types and claims to be gentle enough to be used everyday.

Better Threader Design – The Better Threader claims to have an unique arrangement of the thread that quickly removes hair from the root in one snap.

How to use the Better Threader – Just hold you skin tight and slide the Better Threader over hair, the Better Threader will then remove several hair in just one pass.


What do I get?

  • 2 Better Threaders
  • 20 Threader Refills
  • 2 Storage Cases

Price: $19.99 at the official website:


Better Threader REVIEW

OK, now lets put all the claims made by the Better Threader to test

“Removes all the hair in a row in one pass” – This claim is false, many customers have reported in their reviews that the thread’s tension becomes loose very soon. The Better Threader does not pluck at all, the thread just rolls over the hair and just when you want to pluck them, the thread releases the hair. Many customers find it very frustrating using the Better Threader.

“Better Threader removes hair from forehead, eyebrows, sideburns, cheeks, upper-lips, chin, arms and even fingers… “ – Not really many customers complain that Better Threader does not work at all. Better Threader is nothing what they portray it to be.

“Better Threader is simple and easy to use”
– Nope, don’t believe what they say in the infomercial. Better Threader is not at all convenient and easy to use, maybe it is just OK for touch-ups but cannot do the real job. The thread breaks easily and just does not have the tension to pluck the hair.

“Better Threader is painless”
– This is no way painless, it does pain if you could get it to work.

Many users have also complained in their review that the Better Threader is flimsy and the tightening knob does not improve the tension to the level where it would be effective. All in all a crappy hair removal tool being sold under the pretext of threading.



No doubt threading is very effective, quick, harmless and relatively less painful, it is great only if done at the salon by the professionals.

Better Threader is not the unique product that uses hassle free technique to remove the facial hair. There are many competitors selling similar kind of products in an innovate, fast and easy way. One of the drawback of Better Threader is that the thread tension gets very loose and thus it takes long hours to pluck the hairs making it painful.

An alternative to it can be R.E.M Spring Facial Hair Remover, made up of true stainless steel, complete chemical free and fully sanitizable. No worries of adjusting the tension of thread or replacing it. You can get R.E.M Spring Facial Hair Remover on for $17.95. It has received 4.1 star ratings with 1609 customer reviews among which majority of them are good reviews. We would recommend you to go for R.E.M Spring Facial Hair Remover, a real deal package in an affordable price.

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