Booty Max

What is Booty Max?

As per the infomercial it is a smart workout machine that helps in shaping and lifting the buttock region using Multi-Directional Resistance Technology.



Lift that booty

Booty Max proclaims to be the simplest solution to replace squats and lunges to get an attractive booty. Booty Max asserts to target the glues, thighs, quads, and calves to bring shape in the lower body. Although there are no Booty Max reviews available yet to verify its claims.


Easy to follow
Booty Max states to come with a heavy-duty construction and features Multi-Directional Resistance (MDR) Technology. Simply strap it to the padded ankle strap, wind it around the Smart Dial Targeting for desired resistance and move it in 7 different exercises for targeted muscle toning. Booty Max declares to even help tone the upper body and abs via resistance by removing the handle. More shall be revealed once Booty Max is reviewed. Booty Max assures that it is compact in size and each part comes off to store in the bottom of the deck. It fits easily under a bed, sofa or can be placed inside a closet or a drawer. How well does Booty Max work will be validated once we receive user reviews for analysis.


What do I get?
Buy Booty Max just for only 2 payments 19.95 + P& Official you can also get workout guide + workout DVD + Nutrition Guide with Booty Max.

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