Bristle Badger

What is Bristle Badger

As per the infomercial it is a universal vacuum attachment that cleans and dusts hard-to-reach areas and smaller spaces.


Innovative functioning

Bristle Badger convinces to be a unique attachment that goes over all standard vacuums. Bristle Badger states to use the vacuum’s airflow to create a double-suction to clean up better. Bristle Badger asserts to have 45 flexible angled head and 44 independent points of suction. Together these remove dirt and dust easily from any small areas including clearance of allergens. How much of the claims made by Bristle Badger are true shall be verified once users review it.


Exceptional features
Bristle Badger guarantees to never suck in or drag smaller objects such as earrings and screws due to its unique design. Bristle Badger promises that its 44 tubes optimally clean any place without making a mess around it. We shall no more about Bristle Badger once we get to analyze its reviews. The precise design of this vacuum attachment allegedly cleans everything faster without damaging the goods. This is why it is safe to use with delicate objects and collectibles. Does Bristle Badger really clean dust, dirt, and even remove harmful allergens? Send us your reviews.


What do I get?
buy one Bristle Badger for only $19.99. Paying just $9.99 fee for the second Bristle Badger

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