Broadway Beauty Mirror REVIEW

About Broadway Beauty

This amazing new mirror that is like a professional dressing room mirror with the perfect light. Broadway Beauty is what you need to see every detail up close and in the right light to fix makeup flaws that you might miss otherwise.

Broadway Beauty has an LED mirror that folds open and gives you 3 levels of magnification and 3 different angles for the perfect view. With Broadway Beauty, you can tweeze your eyebrows, separate eyelashes and line your lips perfectly. The built-in LED light can be adjusted to a suitable brightness whether day or night. It is compact and portable and operates on batteries or USB charger.


Broadway Beauty Mirror

Broadway Beauty Mirror REVIEW

Broadway Beauty has somewhat managed to make their customers happy with the product. Though there are few lows the product can look into for making Broadway Beauty more better. The lights are not as powerful as the advertising and reviews would lead you to believe.One of the customer had following to say about Broadway Beauty – “ Broadway Beauty does the job. I personally don’t like the lighting elements – it ends up being sort of like a spotlight instead of soft, even lighting on my face. Dimming the lights to reduce the contrast makes it not quite bright enough for me. There’s nothing wrong with the mirror itself, and if you have other soft lighting to supplement the lights on the mirror it would probably work out better, but I’m ultimately going to be looking to replace this with something that lights my face more widely and evenly.”

Another issue with Broadway Beauty is that it won’t stay angled where it is placed i.e. once it is angled at a specific level, it completely drops to the lowest level. One of the customer had following to say about holding the position of Broadway Beauty mirror – “ When rotating the mirror it doesn’t hold its place. I’ve had to use something behind it so that it stays in the position I need it to be.” Overall Broadway Beauty is a good product, large and easy to maintain, for the price it is a functional mirror, would definitely recommend using it in a room with ample lighting.

Broadway Beauty Mirror Pros
The mirror supports 180° free Rotation from the upside and down direction.
You can change the lights settings by slightly touching the main button, it slowly dims.
The lighting is battery operated
Broadway Beauty is large and easy to maintain.

Broadway Beauty Mirror CONS
Change between left to right is not supported.
It is very delicate
Bottom is not detachable
No Warranties
Does not stay in the position angled at.
No Powerful lighting.
Mirror not magnified


Broadway Beauty Verdict

Broadway Beauty had mixed reactions from the buyers who reviewed the product but they were not completely satisfied. If you are looking for something similar in mirrors we suggest you not to go for Broadway Beauty and instead search for other similar options available in the market for getting best value for money.

We recommend you to go for Easehold LED Vanity Mirror instead of Broadway Beauty. You can find Easehold LED Vanity Mirror on for $21.99. It has received 3.9 star ratings with 900 customer reviews which help us to know how the product actually works since they are from the verified purchasers. Easehold LED Vanity Mirror is featured as NO. 1 best seller in Vanity Mirrors. It is a Tri-Fold with 21Pcs Lights 180 Degree Free Rotation Table Counter-top. Tri-fold design makes it easy for take away and maintenance,n addition 3 panel provides a wide angle viewing. These all features and ample of positive reviews gives a reason enough to make it a definite buy and worth the price.


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