Broom Mop

What is Broom Mop?

As per the infomercial it is an all-in-one cleaning tool that can at as a broom to grab debris and be flipped to work as a dry or wet mop for cleaning the everyday spills.


Broom Mop CLAIMS

Broom and a Mop in One Cleaning Solution
Broom Mop states to be a unique combination of two cleaning tools that can help sweep and mop at the same time by simply flipping it over. One side of Broom Mop is asserted to have a microfiber pad with dozens of tiny bristles that have the ability to attract, grab and trap all types of debris using electro-magnetic charges. Another side of Broom Mop allegedly is a mop that can be used in wet or dry state to clean spills easily. Broom Mop is highly fascinating; user reviews will expose the truth.


Convenient design
Broom Mop assures that it comprises of not just sweeping and mopping feature, but also has a built-in squeegee and duster to clean windows, mirrors, floors, tiles, etc. This all-in-one Broom Mop will be acknowledged once users review it. Broom Mop maintains to have an extendible pole that reaches 5 feet length for easy cleaning and becomes shorter for handy cleaning. Such farfetched claims by Broom Mop will be verified once it is reviewed.


Broom Mop Questions and Answers

Q. What is the material of the pole?
A. Not sure, but looks like Some cheap aluminum.

Q. Is there anything like this Broom Mop but from a reputed brand?
A. Not that I have seen. I have seen a similar product by the name EZ Multifunction Flat Mop, it is very similar to Broom Mop.

Q. Does the Broom Mop bend?
A. No it does not.

Q. Does the Broom Mop head swivel?
A. No it does not.

Q. Can you extend the handle of the Broom Mop?
A. Yes it does extend. But they do demonstrate that in the Broom Mop infomercial.

Q. What are the dimensions of the Broom Mop? with extended handle
A. They do not reveal that info on the website but could be like any other mop.

Q. Should I buy Broom Mop?
A. Currently there are no reviews for Broom Mop, we would recommend you wait till the Broom Mop is reviewed. We are trying our best to get the reviews. Personally I would not recommend the Broom Mop are there are other similar multi-function mops offered by reputable brands. Also this Broom Mop has not established itself yet.


What do I get?
Each quantity of “1” contains (2) Broom Mop™ Cleaners + (2) Sweeping Pads + (2) Multi-Purpose Mopping Pads + (2) HandHeld Versions + (2) HandHeld Pads get 1 Broom Mop 19.99 +7.99 P&H and get 2nd Broom Mop at only 7.99 P&H.

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