Burger Express

What is Burger Express?

Making hamburgers can be a messy process but now there is a fast, easy and amazing way to make juicy burgers to perfection. Here’s introducing Burger Express, a silicon tray with 8 moulds that lets you make 8 perfectly-shaped burgers with ease.

How to use Burger Express?

Simply place the meat in the bottom tray, and then cover the tray with the top piece and press down to get 8 perfectly shaped burgers. Whether, fresh or frozen these burgers are always easy to remove from the tray.

Burger Express Uses
You can use Burger Express to make delicious beef burgers, lamb burgers, chicken burgers, turkey burgers and more. Use Burger Express to make stuffed burgers too. Simply add cheese and other fillings to your meat make scrumptious customized burgers. With Burger Express you can make Vidalia onion burgers, cheddar cheese burgers, chili treats, meat muffins, black bean and veggie burgers and more. Burger Express is also great for Mac and cheese, jello desserts, and more.

Burger Express Materials
Burger Express is 100% food grade silicon so it locks in the juice to give you juicy and tasty patties. It is also FDA approved.

Great for travel
Burger Express works perfectly when you travel too. Simply place it in a cooler and use it for camping, picnics and barbeques. Burger Express is dishwasher safe so cleaning up is a breeze. It is BPA free too. Order the Burger Express Today!

Burger Express Questions and Answers

Q. If you freeze chili or soup portions in the Burger Express, is the bottom tray firm enough to go from counter to freezer without spilling?
A. It would work but make sure the top of the Burger Express is secure and you keep it level transporting to the freezer. It sure makes it handy having these portions available.

Q. Is the Burger Express oven safe?
A. The Burger Express can be used in a temperature range from -40°F to +450°F.

Q. Can the Burger Express go in the oven?
A. The temperature mentioned is up to 475°F so it should be alright to out the Burger express in the oven.

Q. Is the Burger Express the size of a regular burger bun or slider sized?
A. It is a regular size.

Q. Are the burgers hard to get out of the Burger Express tray or do they stick? Should you put a small amount of non stick spray in the Burger Express before adding meat?
A. You could lay a piece of saran wrap down before pressing the meat in, mainly so cleanup would be easier. It worked well to lift the patties out too.

Q. Is the Burger Express dishwasher safe?
A. Yes, the Burger Express is dishwasher safe.

Q. What it the highest heat tolerance for the Burger Express?
A. The allowed temperature range of the Burger Express is from -40°F to +450°F.

Q. Is the Burger Express BPA free?
A. Yes, the Burger Express is BPA free and made with 100% food grade silicone.

Q. What is the diagonal size of each burger?
A. Diagonally it is about 3.125″ or 80mm.

Q. What’s your patent number or claim?
A. Design patent has been filed with the USPTO. The patent should be approved in approximately two months. You may want to refer to patent and trademark laws and/or consult with an attorney. We will litigate any and all patent infringements.

Q. Do you cook the burgers right in the Burger Express?
A. No, the burger patties must be removed from the press before cooking. The press is used to shape the round burger patties and can also be placed in the freezer to allow the burger patties to harden.

Q. Where is the Burger Express manufactured?
A. The Burger Express is manufactured in China. However it is designed and developed in the United States.

Q. Can I turn out the burgers fresh after forming them to cook right away? Or will they only release well if frozen?
A. It works fine fresh after forming. However for best results, you may want to place the Burger Express in the refrigerator for 30 minutes before cooking.

Q. How long can you keep them in the freezer without them becoming freezer burned?
A. Do not keep it in the freezer more than 4-6 months.

Q. What are the dimensions of the patty’s after they are made? One review said they were too small and too fat.
A. They are about 3 1/2 inches wide and 1 inch thick. They fit perfectly on a regular hamburger bun. Also, they are so easy to make and once they are frozen simply put them in freezer bags with wax paper between them.

Q. How thick is the meat patty of the Burger Express?
A. The thickness of the meat patty is about 13/16″ and each meat patty is about a quarter pound (full tray holds approximately 2 pounds).


Burger Express Review

The top of the Burger Express does not fit tight enough so it comes apart easily when it is moved around in the freezer. Maybe the Burger Express is not supposed to be put in the freezer?

The Burger Express is a good press but it makes burgers that are way too small. When you cook the burgers, they shrink down even more so it comes out just a little over 2 inches wide.

After the patties cook they shrink up a lot. So if you are expecting to make a restaurant size burger then the Burger Express is not for you.

The Burger Express will quickly become your favorite kitchen tool. You can use the Burger Express to make homemade chicken croquettes and it works flawlessly and quickly but using it to freeze soup portions into individual servings may cause problems. After removing the Burger Express tray with the soup from the freezer and opening the lid as instructed with the directions saying “after freezing this side up” the lid ripped. The soup had frozen hard to the silicon and it quickly ripped in the middle to the side without using undo force. This is disappointing. The concept of the Burger Express is great and if it weren’t for the material not being up to standard, the Burger Express would be an excellent product, but after only two uses it ripped! It is poor quality for a kitchen tool especially one made of silicon should be able to handle repetitive and hard use.

The idea of the Burger Express is good but it ripped the first time of using it. If the strength and durability of the Burger Express is improved this product would be great.

The Burger Express makes very small burgers and they do not fit a regular bun. The burgers are not big enough and too thick.

The Burger Express seems like a terrific idea but the only issue is that these 1/4 pound burgers are too small and too fat. The concept is great but could use some tweaking.

With the first use of the Burger Express the rubber piece in the ripped in the middle.

The Burger Express works okay but it is a little hard to take out the patties when it’s been in the freezer. The burgers are smaller.

The Burger Express does not take up much space.

The Burger Express does an okay job, but a tad messy.

The Burger Express is great because you can thaw and grind up old frozen meat and turn it into hamburgers, or buy in bulk and make the patties and freeze them. But the Burger Express is big and bulky for a small freezer.

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