What is CanMAX?

CanMAX is a multiple bag holder designed to hold 2 plastic bags in a just about any single trash can, laundry basket or bin. It lets you maximize the capacity of every can, bin and basket and if you use 2 CamMax’s you can hold 3 bags in a single can. CanMAX is great to streamline your kitchen, tailage or campsite. There are so many places the CanMAX can be used. You can also use it for your office trash too! CanMax is a simple concept that can be used to capture trash at home, office or business.


Maximize your efficiency

CanMAX allows you to maximize your efficiency in many ways. CanMAX is perfect for collecting more recycling and easily captures food waste too. Simply add another CanMAX and you can collect all 3: trash, recycling and food waste. It easily fits both circle and oval cans. CanMAX is adjustable allowing for recycling in the same physical space as your trash. The CanMAX multiple bag holder is designed to fit any size can, bin or basket.


How it works?
Simply place and attach CanMAX across the top of the container and secure two garbage bags inside the container. Then attach the bags to the divider system and to the opposing ends of the container. The divider system is adjustable allowing for accommodation of various sized containers.


Patent Information
The patent number is 8950620. Order the CanMAX today!

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