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Space Max Cup Holder Multiplier

What is Space Max Cup Holder Multiplier?

It is an innovative accessory which, when inserted into a car cup holder, increases storage space for items like glasses, cell phones, etc. by providing more sections and compartments.



Smartest Storage

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Handi Holder REVIEW

What is Handi Holder

It claims to be new magnetic mount that holds phones and tablets in place while driving via a Suction Cup Mount and a Vent Mount.



Handi Holder CLAIMS

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What is TUF SHINE?

It claims to be a collection of tire cleaning solutions that help in clearing dust, dirt and grime from tires and make them shine like new. TUF SHINE Tire Shine Kit promises to be the collection … Read the rest

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BackSeat Butler

What is BackSeat Butler?

Ordinary backseat hangers can turn out to be dangerous blind spots while driving your car and loose grocery bags can toss over making a big mess in your vehicle. That’s why you need the BackSeat Butler, … Read the rest

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Dancing Sunflowers

What is Dancing Sunflowers?

Dancing Sunflowers are a unique solar-powered plant designed to dance back and forth when exposed to direct sunlight. The flowers work solely off solar power and have a solar panel that powers the unit. Simply place … Read the rest