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Copper Derm REVIEW | Exposed

Sabrina Bryant, a Copper Derm reviewer, reveals that she saw no improvement in her skin’s appearance even after using it faithfully for an entire month.

A similar complaint is found in Natasha McKinney’s Copper Derm review where she writes that … Read the rest

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Serum MD

what is Serum MD?

Serum MD alleges to be a scientifically developed anti-aging formula that strengthens and tightens the skin giving a young and radiant look. Serum MD claims to target the core to a beautiful skin that is the … Read the rest

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Roll N Renew

About Roll N Renew

Roll N Renew maintains to be a skin rejuvenation system that gives firmer, radiant, clearer and younger looking skin in just weeks.



How does it work

Roll N Renew needs to be glided over … Read the rest

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Kristofer Buckle

About Kristofer Buckle

Kristofer Buckle claims to be a makeup range developed by the celebrated makeup artist of Hollywood celebs for over 20 years.


How does it work

Kristofer Buckle line asserts to include a complete makeup solution created … Read the rest

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Conture Skin Enhancement

About Conture Skin Enhancement

Conture Skin Enhancement states to be a revolutionary skin toning device that uses Kinetic Technology to improve signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, etc. and tired and dull skin. Conture Skin Enhancement … Read the rest

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DSMM8 Dead Sea Mud Mask

What is DSMM8 Dead Sea Mud Mask

It claims to be an all-natural solution that helps in softening the skin and makes it healthier. It states to have Dead Sea mud that comes with natural minerals to treat the skin.… Read the rest

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What is Tweexy?

Tweexy is a nail polish bottle holder that you can wear on your fingers to make polishing your nails easier. With Tweexy you will never need a flat surface to place your polish or have your bottle … Read the rest

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Lumipearl REVIEW

What is Lumipearl?

It claims to be an Ultra Perfecting Skin System that helps in battling aging signs and cleanses pores, exfoliates and firms the skin to make it smoother and brighter.


Anti-aging kit

Lumipearl guarantees to be the … Read the rest

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Eterluxe Spray on Nails REVIEW

What is Eterluxe Spray on Nails

It claims to be the best way to apply nail polish by spraying it on and washing off the residual with only water. Eterluxe Spray on Nails promises to offer a unique and fast … Read the rest

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Vanish it

What is Vanish it?

Vanish it is a neutral pH, white cream that gives you a quick, easy and permanent solution to completely eliminate acne and warts effectively. Vanish it acne and wart treatment can be used for approximately 60 … Read the rest