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Restore 4 REVIEW

What is Restore 4

As per the TV infomercial it is a professional restoring formula that helps in cleaning stains, scum and tarnish from porcelain, fiberglass, metal, tiles and grout. Restore 4 claims to be a professional solution that helps … Read the rest

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HurriClean REVIEW

What is HurriClean?

The TV commercial states that it is a double action toilet cleaner that cleans and sanitizes the flush tank and toilet bowl in one shot. It claims to prevent unhygienic mold spores from filling the air when … Read the rest

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Broom Mop

What is Broom Mop?

As per the infomercial it is an all-in-one cleaning tool that can at as a broom to grab debris and be flipped to work as a dry or wet mop for cleaning the everyday spills.

 … Read the rest

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Clean Squeeze

About Clean Squeeze

Clean Squeeze asserts to be a handheld bidet that allows you to clean up in the toilet using water. It states to be gentle on sensitive skin and leaves no residue behind like wipes.




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