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AbDominator REVIEW

What is AbDominator?

It claims to be multi-directional core workout device that helps in achieving a complete abs workout in just a few minutes right at home.



AbDominator CLAIMS

Building a strong core – AbDominator guarantees that its … Read the rest

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Squat Magic REVIEW

What is Squat Magic?

If you want a round, lifted bottom, sexy, toned legs and a strong core then what you need is the Squat Magic. Squat Magic is a revolutionary strength and toning machine designed to help make squats … Read the rest

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Shape Shifter Max REVIEW

About Shape Shifter Max

Shape Shifter Max proclaims to be a unique body workout system that helps in strengthening the body and toning the muscles. It is allegedly created by fitness inventor and TV personality, Matt Titus.




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Vertical Spin Trainer

About Vertical Spin Trainer

Vertical Spin Trainer states to be exercise equipment that combines an elliptical trainer, bike, and stepper in one machine to burn more calories and sculpt the body. Vertical Spin Trainer promises to be super quiet and … Read the rest

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Powerfit Xtreme

What is Powerfit Xtreme

As per the TV infomercial it is a fitness machine that helps in achieving weight loss and body shaping using oscillation system.

Breakthrough system

Powerfit Xtreme proclaims to be a revolutionary fitness device for use at … Read the rest

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What is Core Max?

It’s a new work out machine that helps one shape up with just eight minutes of daily use. The makers of Core Max proclaim that it is the perfect exercise equipment that melts all the fat … Read the rest

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Click Clack Trainer

What is it?

Do you wish you had a toned and sculpted body but don’t have the time to work out? Now you have the opportunity to get the perfect body you always wanted.

The fast way to achieve your … Read the rest

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Wonder Core Cycle

What is Wonder Core Cycle?

The TV ad claims that it’s an exercise equipment that combines cycling and upper body workout to give you a total body workout right at home. The exercise machine Wonder Core Cycle alleges that you … Read the rest

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Booty Max

What is Booty Max?

As per the infomercial it is a smart workout machine that helps in shaping and lifting the buttock region using Multi-Directional Resistance Technology.



Lift that booty

Booty Max proclaims to be the simplest solution … Read the rest