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STARLYF INSTA COOL needs to be plugged in and uses no battery.

This is a personal space air cooler, not a room air conditioning unit. It will lower the air temperature in the area around you … Read the rest

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Handy Lux Lights by Thane

About Thane Handy Lux

Handy Lux are cordless LED lights to be used all over your house, indoors and outdoors and in all those dim lit tight spaces. Handy Lux lights are battery operated. Use the Handy Lux lights in … Read the rest

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Sunshine Blade Heater REVIEW

What is Sunshine Blade Heater?

It is an indoor and outdoor heater that functions with carbon fibre bulb technology to instantly spread warmth wherever it is put up. The makers of Sunshine Blade Heater claim it’s the perfect heater you … Read the rest

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Zapp Light

what is Zapp Light

Zapp Light promises to be a powerful bug zapper integrated with a LED light. Highly innovative, the LED light claims to attract mosquitos and any other bugs while the powerful electrical grid of Zapp Light helps … Read the rest

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Motion Brite

What is Motion Brite?

It’s a bright motion activated LED-strip that turns on and off automatically to illuminate spaces in one’s presence. Motion Brite proclaims to be the ultimate solution to rising costs and power consumption as it’s programmed to … Read the rest

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Tac Lamp

What is Tac Lamp?

We all use a flashlight at some point or the other but sometimes we need both of our hands free and that’s when you need the Tac Lamp. The Tac Lamp is a handsfree military grade, … Read the rest

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Star Shower Motion & Music

What is Star Shower Motion & Music?

It’s a laser lights projector that illuminates your entire home with a gamut of moving laser lights and also plays music.


Makes your Home Dazzle in an Instant

Star Shower Motion & … Read the rest