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Solar White Owl Light

What is Solar White Owl Light?

It is a multipurpose outdoor lamp that not only illuminates your garden (with solar light it collects naturally) but also protects it from animals and pests that destroy plants besides adding elegance to your … Read the rest

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Aqua Camel REVIEW

What is Aqua Camel

As per the infomercial it is a self-watering plant care system that provides the plant with exact amount of water they need for up to 90 days. Aqua Camel promises to be a self-watering system that … Read the rest

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Metal Garden Hose

What is Metal Garden Hose?

The Metal Garden Hose is a tough, ultra flexible, compact and lightweight garden hose made of high grade stainless steel.



Metal Garden Hose CLAIMS

Unreels and Coils Perfectly
The Metal Garden Hose always … Read the rest

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Feather Feeder

What is Feather Feeder?

It’s a five gallon sized poultry feeder with a capacity of 25 pounds of feed for birds. Feather Feeder could be just what you need to have a thriving poultry farm where little birds and chicks … Read the rest