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Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced REVIEW and VERDICT

About Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced

It offers 3 premium ingredients in the right amounts in one formula (ProstaFend blend) to help better prostate function. It is based on actual clinical studies.

Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced decreases the frequent … Read the rest

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myCoolSlim REVIEW | The Critique of myCoolSlim

About myCoolSlim

myCoolSlim is an at-home toning system, which assures to provide a fat reduction in problem areas such as the tummy, thighs, and arms using cold science. It asserts to be an easy-to-use system that is based on Cryolipolysis, … Read the rest

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Philips Zoom vs Opalescence

Compare what is it? Philips Zoom vs Opalescence

Philips Zoom
The Philips Zoom DayWhite (HP formulation) and NiteWhite (CP formulation) take-home whitening treatments helps patients discover noticeably whiter smiles in just seven days. Philips Zoom is the only whitening system … Read the rest

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About Sole Spa

Sole Spa claims to be a fast and easy way to clean, exfoliate and refresh your feet without the need to bend over.



Sole Spa alleges to be a foot brush that bears … Read the rest

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Silk’n Lipo REVIEW

What is Silk’n Lipo?

It claims to be a unique device that can be used to achieve targeted fat reduction by using it for 15 minutes per day. It promises to do so without the need to exercise or diet … Read the rest

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Probiogen REVIEW and VERDICT

What is Probiogen?

It is a range of specially crafted probiotics supplements in the form of vegetarian capsules that enhance immunity, digestion and overall health.



The Only Probiotic Supplement with Revolutionary Formula

Probiogen could be the perfect solution … Read the rest

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Therma1 Hot Cold Therapy Roller As Seen On TV

What is Therma1

As per the TV infomercial, it is a scientifically-proven roller that offers quick relief to the muscles and joints with the help if it’s unique rollers. It offers hot and cold therapy while compressing and massaging the … Read the rest

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Slip On Pedi Slippers REVIEW

About Slip On Pedi Slippers

Slip On Pedi Slippers claims to be a pair of gel-lined slippers that moisturizes the feet. It asserts to transform dry and cracked feet to soft and supple ones in an inexpensive way right at … Read the rest

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Sleep For Life REVIEW

What is Sleep for Life?

Sleep for Life is a revolutionary step by step insomnia recovery audio training programme for deep, restful sleep. Sleep for Life helps to eliminate stress, fear, and negative thoughts that prevent you from falling asleep.… Read the rest