Household Helpers

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What is Windobully?

Half of all break-ins happen through sliding windows and doors and using security systems scan till let the burglars enter your home. Now there is a safe way to ensure your home is always secured. Here’s introducing … Read the rest

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Luma Plate REVIEW

About Luma Plate

Luma Plate asserts to be a cover plate with integrated LED lights that can turn any electric outlet into nightlight. Luma Plate claims to have copper tabs that snap on to an electric outlet and draw power … Read the rest

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Dolly Do It REVIEW

What is Dolly Do It?

As per the infomercial it is a convenient dolly with 6 wheel drive technology that carries luggage and even climbs the stairs easily.



Dolly Do It CLAIMS


Smart dolly
Dolly Do It … Read the rest

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What is CanMAX?

CanMAX is a multiple bag holder designed to hold 2 plastic bags in a just about any single trash can, laundry basket or bin. It lets you maximize the capacity of every can, bin and basket and … Read the rest

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JML 8-in-1 Multi Torch REVIEW

What is 8-in-1 Multi Torch As per the infomercial it is a multi-utility torch that features 7 other useful utility tools that can come in handy anytime. 8-in-1 Multi Torch is a torch that comprises of multiple useful tools tucked … Read the rest