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Pasta Perfecto

What is Pasta Perfecto?

It’s a microwave cooker to make delicious and perfectly cooked pasta and other delicacies in quickly.



For Great Pasta in Minutes

Pasta Perfecto could be the best kitchen appliance if you love recipes like … Read the rest

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Mister Butter

What is Mister Butter?

It’s an innovative battery powered 2-in-1 appliance that melts butter instantly so it can be sprayed on food like fine mist.


Melts Butter Instantaneously

Mister Butter promises to make the tough task of liquefying cold … Read the rest

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Magic Middles

What is Magic Middles?

Magic Middles asserts to be a unique silicone nonstick insert used to make bakes. It claims to add 8 uniform pockets that can be filled with different ingredients. This claim can be proved only after we … Read the rest

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Gotham Steel Pasta Pot

What is Gotham Steel Pasta Pot?

It’s a non-stick pasta pot featuring built-in strainer, non-stick ceramic and titanium. Gotham Steel Pasta Pot promises to make the elaborate process of cooking pasta non-messy and really easy, thanks to its innovative design … Read the rest

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EZ Roll

What is EZ Roll?

It’s a sushi maker that makes restaurant quality sushi, desserts, rolls and more at home. EZ Roll proclaims to be the ultimate sushi maker designed to help you make perfect sushi all by yourself right at … Read the rest

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Taste the Difference REVIEW

What is Taste the Difference

It claims to be an air roaster which helps in cooking oil and fat-free food with the help of a Fast TruSurround fan-forced convection three-way cooking system.



Taste the Difference CLAIMS

Easy air Read the rest

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What is QuadraPan?

The QuadraPan is a 4-in-1 multi cooking scratch-resistant pan designed to bake, dry fry, poach and roast. The QuadraPan lets you cook delicious and healthy meals in one go. QuadraPan is crafted with multi-sections allowing you to … Read the rest

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NuWave Nutri-Pot REVIEW

About NuWave Nutri-Pot

It claims to be a 1000-watt electric cooker that helps in slow cooking, searing and warming meals easily. There are 11 preset functions to select from and a non-stick interior for convenient cooking and cleaning.



Read the rest

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Venti Hot Beverage Maker

What is Venti Hot Beverage Maker

It claims to be a convenient hot beverage maker with mixing, heating and frothing feature to make a perfect drink.


Easily make hot beverages

Venti Hot Beverage Maker claims to be the latest … Read the rest