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Perfect Slicer

What is Perfect Slicer?

As per the TV infomercial it is a handy kitchen tool that helps get 8 slices of any fruits and vegetables in one pass. Perfect Slicer emphasizes to be a great tool to slice melons and … Read the rest

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Hover Cover REVIEW

What is Hover Cover?

As per the infomercial it is a splatter shield that protects your microwave from spillovers and sticks on top with the help of microwave-friendly plastic magnets when not in use. Hover Cover claims to be a … Read the rest

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EggZact Boiler REVIEW

What is EggZact Boiler?

The TV ad states that it is a device to boil eggs perfectly. It asserts to have an in-built timer to indicate when the eggs are perfectly done. EggZact Boiler promises to cook soft, medium, and … Read the rest

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Burger Express

What is Burger Express?

Making hamburgers can be a messy process but now there is a fast, easy and amazing way to make juicy burgers to perfection. Here’s introducing Burger Express, a silicon tray with 8 moulds that lets you … Read the rest