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O2 Pur

What is O2 Pur?

O2 Pur claims to be an e-cigarette that helps reduce amount of cigarettes smoked or reduce the nicotine intake or switch off cigarettes completely. It states to come in three variants standard e-cigarette, variable adjustment deluxe … Read the rest

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Green Goo Hand Goo

What is Green Goo Hand Goo?

Green Goo Hand Goo asserts to be a versatile first aid product that heals cuts, scrapes, blisters, sun burns, chaffing, chapped lips, and even poison ivy. It alleges to be the first line defense … Read the rest

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Flossy Brush

What is Flossy Brush?

Flossy Brush states to be an innovative tooth brush with flossing aid. It emphasizes on its smart design characteristic that combines tooth brush on one end with a flossing aid on the other end, ensuring floss … Read the rest