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Kitty Cat Mat REVIEW

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About Kitty Cat Mat

Cats often go crazy when you are away, often tearing your house down just because they want to play. If so they you need the Kitty Cat Mat. You spend a lot … Read the rest

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Purr N Play

What is Purr N Play?

It is a matfor cats which can be used as floorcovering and also doubles as a toy that keeps them occupied for long. The creators of Purr N Play introduce it as the ultimate accessory … Read the rest

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Wiggle Tower REVIEW

What is Wiggle Tower?
It’s a cat toy tower with an animated squiggle worm moving up and down randomly that keeps cats engaged for hours.



Wiggle Tower CLAIMS

Keep your Kitty Busy all Day long – Wiggle Tower … Read the rest

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About PokeBoo

PokeBoo states to be a 4-in-1 cat toy that keeps the kitty busy playing all day when the owner is away.



How does it work

The four different fun ways of PokeBoo – Track Ball, Scratch … Read the rest

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Kitty Chase

What is Kitty Chase?

It’s an innovative cat toy devised like flying butterflies which imitates spinning and chasing behavior of real butterflies. Kitty Chase claims that it is the best toy a cat can have to stay active, entertained and … Read the rest

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Kitty Roo Sweatshirt

About Kitty Roo Sweatshirt

Kitty Roo Sweatshirt proclaims to be a sweatshirt with built-in snuggle pouch to carry your pet cat while snuggling, working, or reading.



How does it work

The unique wedge shape of Kitty Roo Sweatshirt … Read the rest

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Omax Pet Health

What is Omax Pet Health

As per the TV infomercial it is a highly concentrated bacon-flavored Omega-3 supplement for dogs that helps them stay healthy, active and happy.


Omax Pet Health CLAIMS

Omega-3 for dogs
Omax Pet Health guarantees … Read the rest

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Pickup Pups

What is Pickup Pups

As per the infomercial it is a convenient way to pick up puppies easily without straining their body. It basically wraps around the dog’s body and provides handle for easy pickup. Pickup Pups emphasizes to be … Read the rest

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Catnap Hammock

What is Catnap Hammock?

We all know how much cats love to laze around during the day. Here’s introducing a cozy cat bed made exclusively for cats to laze in and sleep. The Catnap Hammock is a cozy hammock designed … Read the rest