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In his PAINT SPINNER PRO review, Jerry Sanders says- “It’s poorly made, if the shaft of the plunger is not aligned with the body it binds when pushed in, making it difficult to use”.

Clint Reese is disappointed with the … Read the rest

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Tough Tape REVIEW

About Tough Tape

Tough Tape claims to be inspired by tape created for the military and can do things no ordinary tape can do. Tough Tape alleges to support more than 200 pounds without tearing. It claims that this kind … Read the rest

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What is ZippZapp?

ZippZapp claims to be an universal sealer that seals any plastic bag quickly. Applicable for use on bags of all sizes it also promises to keep food fresh be it corn flakes, chips or stakes fresh. ZippZapp … Read the rest

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Transform It

What is Transform It?

A smartly designed three-step ladder that can be used as a dolly, trolley cart and also as a hand truck. Transform It is a multipurpose ladder-like tool that claims to make your chores easy and quick. … Read the rest

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Renovator Clamping System

What is Renovator Clamping System?

Renovator Clamping System asserts to be engineered from high grade industrial alloy for renovators, builders, tradesmen and craftsmen. It states to be a 10 in 1 clamping system. Holding, cutting, lifting clamping is made easy … Read the rest

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Dipsy Dabber REVIEW

What is Dipsy Dabber?

It’s a handy container that makes paint touch-up and storage easy and quick. If you need to give touch-ups to your walls regularly, start using Dipsy Dabber instead of doing it the traditional way.


 … Read the rest

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Dipsy Dabber

What is Dipsy Dabber?

It claims to be a great container that stores small quantity of paint so you can access it easily for quick touch-ups of scuffed or nicked paint.



Dipsy Dabber CLAIMS


Easy touch-up
Dipsy … Read the rest