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About Ooze Baff

Ooze Baff claims to be a special kid’s safe liquid formula that transforms the water into gooey water. It alleges to magically turn water into slushy gushy gelli and promises to make bath time and anytime a … Read the rest

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About Paintsation

Paintsation declares to be an art activity kit for children with water-based paint that doesn’t spill or make a mess. This way, parents can be relieved while their children paint.



How does Paintsation work?

The secret … Read the rest

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Comfy Critter

What is Comfy Critter?

It’s a versatile and fancy blanket for children with patented design. It can be used as a quilt, pillow, cap and more.



Adorable, Comfortable and Fun

Comfy Critter could be just what kids would … Read the rest

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Rocket Pop REVIEW

What is Rocket Pop?

Rocket Pop is a fun and exciting catch and throw game that adds a super thrilling experience to the simple game of playing catch.



How to use Rocket Pop?

Simply slip the Rocket Pop … Read the rest

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Whirly Ball

What is Whirly Ball?

It’s a bright LED galaxy ball created for people of all ages to have fun with while playing.



Amazing Features

Whirly Ball could be just what children as well as elders will like playing … Read the rest

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Zike Bike REVIEW

What is Zike Bike?

As per the TV infomercial it is a unique hybrid toy that combines a bike and scooter for never-ending outdoor action.



Scooter cum bike

Zike Bike alleges to be a uniquely designed bike that … Read the rest

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Hover Rocket

What is it?

We all enjoying playing a game of catch but playing catch with a 6 foot long rocket can be so much more fun and exciting!
Here’s introducing a cool new way to play catch with the Hover … Read the rest

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Hover Hockey

What is Hover Hockey?

The Hover Hockey system is a portable, pocket size air hockey game that provides hours of fun and entertainment for children of all ages!

How it works?

The secret of the Hover Hockey system is the … Read the rest

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Magic Rocks

What is Magic Rocks?

It claims to be a set of amazing crystals that grow in minutes to create attractive showcase jars and tanks. Magic Rocks asserts to be an amazing crystal set that has a property to grow inside … Read the rest

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Helix Sentinel Drone REVIEW

What is Helix Sentinel Drone?

As per the infomercial it is a RC drone by Air Hogs that provides first person view of the Drone’s camera via the FPV headset. Helix Sentinel Drone claims to be an RC operated flying … Read the rest