Chef Al Dente REVIEW

About Chef Al Dente

Chef Al Dente claims to be a singing pasta timer that’s a fun way to indicate when the pasta is cooked al dente.
You need to place the Chef Al Dente in the pot of pasta. The internal timer beeps when the water boils. When the pasta is al dente, the timer asserts to start singing so you know it’s done.



Timer for al dente pasta
You are convinced to never have under cooked or overcooked pasta thanks to the singing pasta timer Chef Al Dente, which beeps when the water comes to a boiling point and sings when pasta is al dente. There are no user reviews to verify these claims.


Food safe and heat-resistant
Chef Al Dente guarantees to be made of high-resistant materials so it can withstand boiling water for a long time. It convinces to work with all kinds of pasta whether Ravioli, Spaghetti, Penne or any other. Let’s wait for user reviews before believing these claims. Chef Al Dente maintains to be made from food safe materials. The internal thermometer of Chef Al Dente declares to reset by simply running the device under cold water. Chef Al Dente emphasizes to be easily washable by hand. Send us your Chef Al Dente reviews.


Chef Al Dente REVIEW

Doreen Butler says in her Chef Al Dente review- “ I thought maybe I did it wrong the first time I did it because I put it in too shallow a pot, but then I rinsed it in cold water like it says and put it back in a bigger pot. The timer beeps, but it never sang, even after 10 minutes (the instructions says 8)”.

Donna Tran complains in her Chef Al Dente review that she cannot hear him when he sings because he is too low. She says she has to put her ear next to it in order to hear him.

Julia Burke claims in her review of the Chef Al Dente that it doesn’t work.

Another user, Colleen Rowe mentions in her Chef Al Dente review- “Simply didn’t work. Beeped non-stop every other time I tried it and never sang”.

Harry Simons says in his review of the Chef Al Dente – “My wife purchased this for me and it never worked right out of the box! It’s just another bad buy off amazon!”


Chef Al Dente VERDICT

Q. Is the Chef Al Dente unique?
A. Chef Al Dente is not a unique pasta timer. There are better pasta timers available in the market.

Q. Does the Chef Al Dente offer any value?
A. Chef Al Dente is a lot more expensive than similar products but has poor performance.

Q. Do you recommend the Chef Al Dente?
A. It is not recommended because most reviewers say it does not work.


Chef Al Dente Alternative

Burton Perfect Pasta Reusable Color-Changing Timer Chef Al Dente has a rating of 2.4 out of 5 from 7 customers while the Burton Perfect Pasta Reusable Color-Changing Timer has a rating of 4/5 from 102 customers.

If not how does it compare with other similar product feature and Price wise. Although priced much higher than its competitors, the Chef Al Dente fairs poorly when it comes to performance.

Kayla Stevenson states in her Burton Perfect Pasta Reusable Color-Changing Timer review that it is always spot on and an excellent tool when learning how to cook to see when it’s done and what it should look like.

Cecelia Barker says in her Burton Perfect Pasta Reusable Color-Changing Timer review that this is something she cannot do without in her kitchen. She says it is very accurate and makes cooking easier.


What do I get?
Chef Al Dente Only $19.99! | Official Website:

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  1. Sound volume is way to low almost cant hear it

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