Chop Wizard Elite REVIEW

What is Chop Wizard Elite?

It’s a chopper that chops fruits, vegetable, nuts, cheese and more precisely in an instant.



Preparing Healthy, Delicious Meals Made Easy

Chop Wizard Elite promises to make the process of stirring up a range of recipes simple, quick and easy. Chop Wizard Elite chops a variety of ingredients and greens like fruits, vegetable, nuts, cheese and more in a flash. All you have to do is place the ingredient on the blade grate of Chop Wizard Elite and briskly lower its top lid on it. In the next second, you’ll find it finely chopped with no messiness or pungent smell.


Top-grade Quality and Make
The chopping blade of Chop Wizard Elite made from premium honed stainless steel. Its lid insert is also made of fine quality new stainless steel. The makers of Chop Wizard Elite assure you it’s stronger, durable and safe so you can count on it to prepare your meals within minutes.


Time-saving, Easy to Clean
You can keep more than one vegetable or fruit on Chop Wizard Elite and chop them all simultaneously. Its container also functions as a measuring cup, which makes things even more convenient. Also, Chop Wizard Elite is dishwasher safe, so cleaning it is a breeze.


Chop Wizard Elite Q and A

Q. Does Chop Wizard Elite chop onions and slice tomatoes well?
A. Tools that claim to make slicing and chopping jobs impeccably perfect and mess-free apparently need a lot of practise or knowledge of the secret to perfecting its technique. In all likelihood, the same goes for Chop Wizard Elite.

Q. Can I know the dimension of the Chop Wizard Elite?
A. Exact figures aren’t available though it’s small in size.

Q. Does Chop Wizard Elite come with a warranty?
A. No.

Q. How can I change the thickness of the slicer?
A. Just keep the vegetable on the setting you want, close the cover and press it down.

Q. Is Chop Wizard Elite dishwasher safe?
A: Except for the top cover, you can place all the parts in the dishwasher. Wash the top cover under a tap.

Q. Does Chop Wizard Elite cut up apples into four pieces?
A. It doesn’t seem likely. Try cutting the apple first in half and then slice it further.

Q. How is the slicer used?
A. Keep the fruit or vegetable on the blade grade and push the top cover on it. Chopped ingredients will drop down in the container.

Q. Can Chop Wizard Elite chop fruits without turning them pulpy?
A. Yes, it can.

Q. How can I chop celery on Chop Wizard Elite to make bread stuffing?
A.The models on TV do it better and it’s a fact that doing it the same way is not so easy Keep a knife handy.

Q. How many slicers come with Chop Wizard Elite?
A. One.

Q. Where is Chop Wizard Elite manufactured?
A. Possibly China.


Chop Wizard Elite Review

Chop Wizard Elite states that it makes chopping a variety of ingredients easy, quick and mess-free, but its users have a different story to tell. Many have complained that Chop Wizard Elite is not at all easy and smooth to use. Its blades are not sharp and it just doesn’t work well. They find Chop Wizard Elite too rigid, due to which they have to apply too much pressure on it.

One of the users has said that Chop Wizard Elite isn’t durable and safe as claimed by its makers. She says that its plastic is very thin, and that she is always afraid that it may get broken. Its lid, which supposedly grates ingredients, isn’t sharp at all. She’s completely dejected with Chop Wizard Elite and wants to return it at the earliest.

Chop Wizard Elite may look fantastic in TV ads, but many customers who’ve bought it say that it’s far from how it appears on screen. They say that Chop Wizard Elite is very difficult to handle and that its instructions are also not clear.

Chop Wizard Elite, according to several other users, is also unable to impart proper shape to ingredients. Chop Wizard Elite cannot cut potatoes in the cube shape, French beans turn out too minutely chopped, are too big for the dicing filters and big vegetables just don’t turn out properly. The ingredients tend to get stuck in the holes of Chop Wizard Elite and have to be pushed out with a pick or knife.

Another user of Chop Wizard Elite recounts how she broke the handle of the tool while trying to press a tomato through the dicer. Another dissatisfied customer who got Chop Wizard Elite home says that it’s also not easy to clean. She now calls it a waste of money.


What do I get?
Get Chop Wizard with Chopper Blade + Fine Dicer Blade All For Only $19.95 + S&H

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