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About Clean Squeeze

Clean Squeeze asserts to be a handheld bidet that allows you to clean up in the toilet using water. It states to be gentle on sensitive skin and leaves no residue behind like wipes.



How does Clean Squeeze work?

One simply needs to fill Clean Squeeze with warm or cool water, slide the wand spray out to reach behind and squeeze the water for cleaning.


Hygienic cleansing in the toilet
Clean Squeeze proclaims to help you cleanse thoroughly and hygienically in the toilet using fresh water. Toilet paper pushes mess around and can irritate sensitive skin while wipes leave residue behind but the handheld bidet promises to clean gently without residue. There are no user reviews of Clean Squeeze to verify these claims. Clean Squeeze declares to be ideal for children, seniors and sufferers of IBS, hemorrhoids, and disabilities to get complete ablution. Let’s analyze Clean Squeeze user reviews to know more.


Easy on the pocket
Built-in bidets are expensive or need difficult installation. Clean Squeeze convinces to need absolutely no installation. The spray wand slides out to reach behind and retracts to store discreetly so that you can also carry Clean Squeeze when you step out. Such lofty claims will be ascertained with user reviews.


Clean Squeeze Questions and Answers

Q. What is the capacity of Clean Squeeze container and does it have a universal bottleneck?
A. The capacity of Clean Squeeze is approximately 20 oz. The unit is great for its price. Its only shortcoming is that the user needs to be careful on inverting it for cleansing since it squirts a slight drizzle.

Q. Should Clean Squeeze release water as soon as it is inverted, even when the bottle is not squeezed?
A. Clean Squeeze will drip a bit but can’t say for sure since I only inverted it over the toilet.

Q. What kind of plastic is used in Clean Squeeze construction?
A. The bottle is made of hard plastic, which is transparent. The quality is good and the unit is great for traveling.


Clean Squeeze REVIEW

Clean Squeeze review says that its reservoir has a generous size and soft material, which makes it easy to squeeze. The seal around the detachable nozzle and the valve at the base function well. The water leaks out when you turn the unit over and hence you need to squeeze it a little before turning it over. It would have been better if the water came out with a little more force. A nozzle with adjustable angle for more control to reach behind would have helped because Clean Squeeze is difficult for a man to use.

Clean Squeeze complains that it leaks a lot when inverted and does not hold water unless you extend the nozzle. It still does its job.

Clean Squeeze review states that it looks like a great tool and the right size with a good case to carry it on trips or hospital stays.

Clean Squeeze reviews opine that it is good for traveling and a permanent solution for home.

Clean Squeeze review asserts that it’s a travel item that worked as described is too small and needs to be refilled for satisfactory results.

Clean Squeeze review points out that it’s a fantastic product with great concept. But because of the vent on the bottom Clean Squeeze cannot be filled and set down on the counter before using.

Clean Squeeze review divulges that it cannot be carried full of water.

Clean Squeeze review rues that water drips when the bidet is inverted without squeezing spilling the water everywhere. The container is large and nozzle long enough with substantial spray. However, the valve at the bottom leaks and the water flows on moving the bottle. This makes it awkward to cover the vent and fill up or spray. Clean Squeeze works better when the hole is covered with silicon.

Clean Squeeze review claims that the stream is not exactly powerful though it functions well.

Clean Squeeze review points out that the unit was as advertised and arrived quickly. If the container has water, because of the design Clean Squeeze spills if knocked over.

Clean Squeeze review calls it a good product that is gentle and cleans efficiently though it drips a bit.

Clean Squeeze review says that a stopper like baby bottles would have made it easier and more discreet to carry around.

Clean Squeeze user review states that it was purchased before a surgery on the user’s dominant hand to use outside their house in an area with a bidet hose. The length of Clean Squeeze nozzle is good and the bottle is convenient to squeeze.

One Clean Squeeze review discloses that it is easy to regulate. The unit is quiet in operation and cost-effective. The materials used are of good quality. On the flip side, Clean Squeeze needs to have an On/Off function. The unit leaks and when you use it, it is empty by the time you need to cleanse with no way to pause or stop it from dripping. The carry case of Clean Squeeze is unsightly and a plain black or dark grey would have been better. It lacks a small side pouch for drying wipes.

Clean Squeeze review lauds it as a great tool if there’s no real bidet. It’s just a bit messy to use and needs refilling and transporting to the toilet.

Clean Squeeze review complains that it is smaller than anticipated and perfect bidet for an RV. The design is well-thought out and helps keep one clean while cleansing. The easy-to-squeeze design of Clean Squeeze is a boon for those with limited hand strength.

Clean Squeeze review says that it is useful for someone who underwent a rotator cuff surgery.

Clean Squeeze review reveals that after trying four different types of hand-operated bidets, this one is easier to use, the ball valve at the base re-inflates quickly to allow for squeezing in short and successive squirts. The nozzle is long and reaches behind easily. It retracts into the bottle for convenient storage and travel. It holds more water than competition. The ball valve of Clean Squeeze allows leaks drops of water on using. The holes in the nozzle are larger making the stream of water weaker and easy to press. Smaller holes and stronger stream would have been preferable. Clean Squeeze nozzle is thicker and a narrower nozzle would be effective and more maneuverable.

Clean Squeeze review assures that it is use and it just needs modification for daily use. Clean Squeeze needs a smaller design that holds and weighs less to take less space making it ideal for travel.


What do I get?
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