What is Cleava?

It is a snap-to-bra mock cami for women to cover the cleavage area tastefully and also to make outfits worn look smarter.



No More Awkward Moments

Cleava has been designed as the perfect solution to the problem women face when they wear low-cut dresses but don’t know how to cover cleavage areas properly. Cleava is a snap-to-bra cami-like part that is clipped to the bra straps and other places in such a way that it covers justas much area as you want. According to the makers of Cleava, it is lightweight and breathable, so it can be adjusted tocover the chest area till your neck and alsoworn a bit lower.


Easy to Use and Maintain
All one has to do to use Cleava is to snap it around bra steps and then under the bridge of the bra. After that, Cleava can be adjusted to desired height by gently stretching it. Cleava can be worn by women of all sizes to feel confident and secure that no awkward situations will be there. Also, Cleava ismade of breathable material, is machine washable and is dryer safe, which, itsmakers claim, make things all the more convenient.



Women who have purchased Cleava have, on the whole, found the concept useful and unique. They opted for expectedCleavatoput an end their wardrobe woes and awkwardness often caused by plunging necklines that create inappropriate situations. Most of them have said that while the intention behind introducing Cleava is fabulous, it doesn’t really work as a product.

According to a considerable number of customers, Cleava is a decently made snap-to-bra mock cami. They say that if you want to cover areas high up over the chest, Cleava will do a great job. But it is riddled with a host of problems that make it a dampener.

One of the biggest problems pointed out by most customers is that Cleava isn’t as flexible as it should be. It doesn’t stretch much but simply collapses instead. It bunches up instead of spreading out and becomes visible even underneath your top or T-shirt that’s not really flimsy.Some have said that theV- shaped line of this cami is quite visible underneath clothes. It makes for an awkward sight for obvious reasons. What makes Cleava worse is that nothing can be done about it; you could either remove it and wear something else or simply get another brand.

Several users of Cleava have complained that it doesn’t stretch enough and cover the cleavage portion properly. It keeps shifting even after it’s attached to bra straps well. One customer has complained how Cleavaskidded down her satin bra cups and fell between her breasts. She inserted the bottom partof the cami under her bra properly a number of times, but the same problem persisted.

Other users have also pointed out that even whenCleavaremains attached to the bra straps it piles up in the centre. They have given details about Cleava and have said that it doesn’t remain attached to the bra the way it should. Those who are on the heavier side say that Cleava is very small and can’t cover the cleavage fully. It loses grip completely over bra straps due to stretching.And it’s also too narrow,because of which a lot of gap comes up between it and the bra strap.

Some have also complained that when they wear Cleavahigh for more coverage, it snaps at the bottom and doesn’t stay in place. A few customers who bought Cleava advise that you should buy it only if you want to cover your body till the collarbone.


Cleava Q & A

Question: What material is Cleava made from?
Answer: Satin-like material.

Question: Can I wear Cleava with a sports bra?
Answer: It’s not that you can’t; it depends upon the width of the sports bra straps and whether it will be supported by Cleava.



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