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What is it?

Do you wish you had a toned and sculpted body but don’t have the time to work out? Now you have the opportunity to get the perfect body you always wanted.

The fast way to achieve your fitness goals is to combine cardio, and strength training with resistance training. Here’s introducing the Click Clack Trainer. The Click Clack Trainer is the ultimate portable fitness workout machine designed to give you a low-impact, complete body workout. With the Click Clack Trainer you can sculpt and tone your entire body no matter where you go.

The Click Clack trainer system gives you a cardio workout along with strength and resistance training- the perfect fitness solution for the perfect body.

The Click Clack Trainer requires no assembly and also replaces other expensive gym equipment.



How does the Click Clack Trainer System work?

The Click Clack Trainer is very easy to use. The Click Clack Trainer features a strengthened spring system, dual suction pads and locking adherence technology. The suction cup mount attaches to any smooth surface in just seconds.

Simply press the suction cups to any smooth surface, such as a window, and lock down the left and right flaps. The handle displays red and green lock status indicators to let you know if you have a secure connection.

Then, attach Click Clack’s resistance bands to the mount’s steel rings and perform your workout. If you need additional resistance, simply add more resistance bands to the rings.

When performing exercise with the Click Clack Trainer your muscles resistance is stimulated and maintained throughout the entire range of motion, regardless of the direction, whether it is up and down, left or right, or front to back. This results in a better range of motion strength and offers complete stimulation of your muscles.

Unlike other similar free weight exercises that don’t offer resistance because its movement is not against gravity, the Click Clack Trainer System offers complete resistance to completely tone, sculpt and define your body.


The Click Clack Trainer provides you with a host of body toning and fat burning exercises that are not only gentle on your joints but will also not cause any injuries. Use the Click Clack Trainer to perform curls, shoulder raises, bench press, sit-ups and so many more almost any place you go.

With over 100’s of exercises to perform, the Click Clack Trainer System is perfect for both men and women to use. With the Click Clack Trainer you don’t have to perform new and difficult exercises, you can simply use exercise you are familiar with. The Click Clack trainer lets you perform longer, bringing you closer to your fitness goals.

The Click Clack Trainer is perfect for group training and circuit classes.


Lightweight, versatile, durable and built to last
The Click Clack Trainer System is versatile and made of durable high quality plastic (ABS) and is built to last. Its ultra-light weight makes it the perfect gym on the go.

Designed with perfectly-tensioned resistance bands that latch onto the mount, the Click Clack Trainer lets you perform countless number of exercises to tone, sculpt and define your entire body including your chest, arms, legs, shoulders, back and more!


Body parts targeted
With the Click Clack Trainer you can sculpt, tone, and define your chest, shoulders, arms, shoulders, legs, abs, and more.


Work out anywhere
The Click Clack Trainer System can be attached to any smooth surface with a click and can be effortlessly removed with a clack. Use the Click Clack Trainer at home, at the office, at the beach, outdoor, camping and even when travelling. It can even be attached to the window of your car or to the body of your car.

Featuring a suction cup mount that instantly attaches to any smooth surface by “locking with a click and unlocking with a clack.”, the Click Clack Trainer resistance band system allows you to work out just about anywhere.


Once you are finished with your workout, simply fit the Click Clack Trainer into a portable carrying bag. The Click Clack Trainer is so compact. It is like fitting and entire gym in a bag that you can carry around.


Ideal for all fitness levels
With the Click Clack Trainer you get a total body workout adaptable for all fitness levels.


Effectiveness of Resistance Bands
If you are looking to tone up and/or to own a convenient option for sweating it out when on-the-go, the Click Clack Trainer system is guaranteed to meet your fitness needs.
There are two different Click Clack Trainer systems. The Standard, which includes:
• 2 x Red Resistance Bands (8lbs)
• 2 x Red Resistance Bands (8lbs)
• 2 x Foamed Handles
• 2 x Ankle Straps
• 1 x Door Anchor
• Online Training Guide
• Online Nutritional Guide
Some higher-level pledges also include black resistance bands that provide 19lbs of resistance.
The Click Clack Trainer System is the answer to quick and effective training! Order the Click Clack Trainer System and start transforming your body today!


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