Climb Cart REVIEW

What is Climb Cart?

It claims to be an innovative cart that folds and opens to carry luggage. It can be used on stairs as well with its revolutionary 6 wheel design.


Climb Cart Review

A user who bought Climb Cart reveals in his review that it has a small base that makes it difficult to stow items on it. This Climb Cart review states that the items are not secured and there is no control over the load even after using a bungee cord. As per this user’s review, Climb Cart will work only for smaller boxes and goods lesser than 20 lbs.

One Climb Cart customer reviewed it as a conveniently designed cart for its foldable feature. Although the user warns that even in a folded state, the cart can be heavier to carry.

Another Climb Cart review by an enthusiastic customer complains that its revolutionary wheel design offers no advantage over stairs. As per her Climb Cart review, it only works for small bumps and curbs.

An aged user who bought Climb Cart for easy carrying of items warns older people against buying it. The review says that it’s a nice concept but can be heavy and hard especially while pulling it up the stairs.

A customer who was purchased Climb Cart reveals in his review that it is difficult to steer and is poorly designed. The base is too small for large boxes and fits only document boxes well enough. The review further states that there is no way to find if Climb Cart really bears the load it claims to do.

Another user is disappointed with Climb Cart and complains in his review that the brackets on the side disallow placing any wider load on it. This Climb Cart review also says that it is not really handy or easy to carry around.

One user who tried Climb Cart unhappily asserts in her review that it is flimsy and poorly built. The cart’s base is made using plastic and breaks down easily with miniscule load too. Her review of Climb Cart further says that its design has two major flaws – it is difficult to fold and is too short for taller people to use it without bending.

A disgruntled customer of Climb Cart writes in his review that it is highly uncomfortable to steer. It is heavier than most carts and doesn’t run smoothly at all. The build quality is also poor and might not be able to handle larger boxes and load. The Climb Cart review adds that it is good enough for only a few steps at a time but not for moving boxes up full-length stairs.

A similar Climb Cart review by a customer has a similar complaint that it is heavier to carry and can even pull the load down while climbing up. The Climb Cart review also says that its platform is small and will not fit larger boxes or a regular-sized tote. Even the tie downs and bungee cord doesn’t help to keep the items in place because of the fast sliding plastic.

One customer noticed a design flaw in Climb Cart. His review says that the locking arms are placed in a way that it prevents its use by almost 90%. For Climb Cart to work, it would require narrow boxes and will be useless for people looking at towing larger loads.

Another customer who bought Climb Cart says in his review that it easily goes up and down the stairs but is not useful since it cannot accommodate bigger boxes. As per the review, its brackets are placed in a way that they hamper laying of any wide item flat on the surface. It might be not of a use for people who need to move larger loads on a consistent basis.


Climb Cart Questions and Answers

Q. Do the tires in Climb Cart require air?
A. No.

Q. How effective is Climb Cart for carrying things downstairs?
A. No information available.

Q. Will Climb Cart work for off-road, trailing, or car camping trips?
A. Yes, it can hold stuff for easy carrying. It can conveniently accommodate grocery bags, bottles, tubes, etc.

Q. What materials are the wheels constructed from?
A. Climb Cart has solid wheels with a yellow plastic frame and a black rubber tire over it. It might have ball bearings as a part of the mechanism to help roll it smoothly.

Q. Does it require any type of assembly?
A. No.

Q. How wide is the handle on Climb Cart?
A. It is approximately 8 inches wide.

Q. How much load can Climb Cart carry?
A. As per the manufacturer’s data it has a load capacity of about 100 lbs.

Q. Is Climb Cart large enough to hold a laundry basket?
A. Yes, but such large items should be fastened using bungee cords for holding it in place.

Q. Does it come with instructions for use?
A. Yes, it comes with directions for opening and locking the cart.

Q. Is Climb Cart foldable?
A. Yes, it flattens easily with its foldable design without the need of assembling or disassembling.

Q. Will Climb Cart work for hauling dressers up the stairs?
A. No, dressers are too heavy and the cart might not be comfortable for pulling it upstairs.


Climb Cart CLAIMS

Easy to carry cart
Climb Cart assures to be a convenient cart that can be used to lug around heavy items on flat ground and up and down stairs as well. Climb Cart states to have a 6 wheel design that rolls to perform lifting and climbing when it is rolled over the stairs. At this point of time there are no Climb Cart reviews available to attest with its claims. Climb Cart guarantees to function on any type of surface since the 6 inch wheels glide smoothly over any type of paved and unpaved surfaces. Such farfetched claims will be verified once users review Climb Cart.


Portable design

Climb Cart assures that it is completely portable since it can fold up flat for easy storage. It also alleges to be lightweight and sturdy for easy use and durability. Climb Cart promises to have a frame that can hold up to 100 lbs. of weight which is perfect for heavy groceries, laundry, office supplies, etc. Currently there are no Climb Cart reviews available to substantiate with its claims.


What do I get?
Get Climb Cart just $39.99 plus $9.99 shipping and handling and you’ll get the Carry Bag included with your order. You’ll also get the 10 year extended warranty. | Official Website:

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