Color Doctor REVIEW

What is Color Doctor?

It is a device that monitors blood pressure and heart rate and displays results on its special color-coded screen instantly.



Easy and Time-saving

Color Doctor is a special device that monitors blood pressure and heart rate, which can be used by anyone at home. Launched as a smart and time-saving device, Color Doctor, according to its makers, is very useful for people who face hypertension, low blood pressure and related ailments so they can take adequate steps when necessary.


Accurate Results
Color Doctor guarantees it displays accurate results on its color-coded screen. To see the readings, Color Doctor is worn on the wrist. Within a minute, results appear on its screen, as in when it turns green, it means blood pressure is normal. If the screen turns yellow, it indicates that blood pressure is raised and if it turns red, it means blood pressure is very high.


Clinically Tested and Portable Device
The makers of Color Doctor state that it is a clinically tested device that also stores your previous results. Being portable, Color Doctor can also be carried outside to keep track of blood pressure condition constantly. Apart from blood pressure, Color Doctor also signals irregular heart rate, which is another crucial health factor.


Color Doctor Questions & Answers

I’d like to know if Color Doctor is FDA-approved?
I browsed through all sections of its manual but found no information anywhere. Actually I don’t think Color Doctor is FDA-approved coz if it was, its makers would have highlighted it. Being a medical professional, I conducted manual reading with my upper arm BP cuff and stethoscope using Color Doctor. I got the same B/P reading with both. I’d rather recommend Measupro BP monitor as gives highly accurate readings.

Does Color Doctor make any sound like beeping?
No. there’s only a slight buzz when Color Doctor is inflated by the pump.

Can Color Doctor be used on the right arm?
Yes. It can also be used on the left arm.

Are Spanish instructions provided with Color Doctor?
Is Color Doctor compatible with a pacemaker?
Not sure. Please ask your doctor.

Is Color Doctor suitable for children?
No. It’s too big for children’s wrist.

How does Color Doctor indicate irregular heartbeat?
It has a special irregular heartbeat detector. It indicates irregular heartbeat by flashing the heard symbol in quotation marks placed at the bottom of its screen.

Which batteries work with Color Doctor?
AAA batteries. The unit comes with one set.

I want to know the size of the Color Doctor cuff from the wrist to the arm 3-4 cm up.
Well, suffice it to say that it fits most adults on the wrist comfortably as it is adjustable. Follow the instructions show how you need to position the cuff 1cm away from your wrist line closest to your hand. If you face any issues, please contact us so we can sort the problem and if it isn’t solved, you will be refunded the entire amount.

Does Color Doctor have light at the back so that I can find it in the dark too?
There’s no light at the back as such, but its screen is LCD and digital. Hope that helps.

Does Color Doctor store record of previous BP readings? Can it be used by multiple people?
It’s difficult to answer that but other devices do keep record of 90 BP readings collected previously. Although Color Doctor can be used by several people, it is not able to distinguish between previous readings.

Does Color Doctor give indications when the battery is low?
Apparently, it does.

Does Color Doctor fit 9″ wrist?
Yes, it it’s an adjustable device, so it will fit one’s 9″ wrist too.


Color Doctor Review

The readings of Color Doctor are inaccurate. I don’t recommend it.

Color Doctor is a well-designed blood pressure monitor and is easy to wear. But its readings don’t seem correct. My father is at hypertension stage I and on medication. His BP is generally between 130-140 systolic and high 80-89 diastolic. But when we used Color Doctor, it showed his BP as 117/78. I adjusted the monitor on his wrist properly and also tested with the other hand. The readings were 122/84 again. My sister, a medical student, has a sphygmomanometer, so she took dad’s readings on it. The sphygmomanometer indicated 140/86 on both the arms. Immediately after this, we used Color Doctor again and the numbers were 120s/70s.Again. My sister said we should junk Color Doctor.

I wanted an alternative for a blood pressure cuff for upper arm so I bought Color Doctor. However, I’m not very satisfied with its readings. It’s quite different from what my arm cuff and doctor’s readings indicate. I‘d rather continue with my arm cuff.

Bought Color Doctor after checking its size and measurements. It looked alright first, but the readings seemed peculiar. On one arm, my BP reading was 148/86, but the other wrist, it was 110/62 within 10 minutes! I switched to my first wrist again, and the reading had changed a bit. I don’t think I’m going to use Color Doctor.

I have an uncle who’s suffering from hypertension. He has to get his blood pressure checked regularly. I bought Color Doctor for him. He started using it, but the readings were very different from what the doctor says. He trusts his doctor more, so he’s not too sure about using Color Doctor anymore.

Color Doctor’s basically a mix of pluses and minuses. I’d call it a decently made device of plastic. I have no difficulties adjusting the wrist band. Its inflated portion works quite well when the device is stimulated. The display is also quite big. But its controls aren’t efficient. There aren’t enough buttons for different functions and there’s no back lighting either. You need to click the On button to start the test. The Set button is to navigate, which is also meant for functions like Up, Next, etc. There’s also a MEM button on it. Color Doctor doesn’t give the flexibility you need to navigate the menus and it seems confusing. This device needs major improvement.

Color Doctor can only carry out basic functions of measuring blood pressure and heart rate properly. Using single button to navigate for different functions is not smart. It just doesn’t have user- friendly controls nor back lighting, which would’ve been very useful for my mother. Detailed instructions provided in the menu are fine, but lack of sufficient buttons is a downer.

Color Doctor is not worth my money I bought it for. I’d say it’d not worth even half its price. Take my advice- don’t buy it.

The blood pressure readings displayed by Color Doctor aren’t correct. I’m feeling fleeced.

I needed a good wrist cuff that I can carry anywhere easily. I suffer from low blood pressure (in 70s/40s or 80s/50s range) and currently on medication for it. My electrophysiologist, who is familiar with my condition, knows when and how BP readings should be taken. I bought Color Doctor a few days back, but I was shocked to see it showing my blood pressure as 160/105. My BP never go above 121/78, and that too after taking medicines. 160/105 for me is out of the question. After checking my BP on Color Doctor, I visited my electrophysiologist immediately, whose readings were in my usual range. I’m not really using Color Doctor now.

Color Doctor doesn’t show accurate readings. It always displays my BP in a much higher range. My doctor’s readings show my BP is about 85/48, but the same minute Color Doctor show my BP is 180/120!

This monitor shows that I have perfect blood pressure but my doctor’s results show otherwise. I think there’s no point in using Color Doctor.

Not enough information is provided in the manual. The warranty isn’t mentioned and details like product dimensions and contents are also not there. Even the safety information and legal disclaimer are excluded. Seems bizarre.


What do I get?
Buy Color Doctor just for only $19.99 + S/H at Official

3 Comments on "Color Doctor REVIEW"

  1. Regina Oglesby | 18th June 2017 at 6:50 pm | Reply

    I bought a ColorDoctor. It was not worth the money. It was very inaccurate. It had my no very high,
    when I have gotten it from the doctor, it was always low – notmal.

  2. Lasdandra campbell | 30th October 2017 at 12:12 pm | Reply

    I bought the color doctor and every time I use it I get a different reading most of the time is very high it is not adequate do not buy this product give you wrong reading thumbs down !!!!10/5/17

  3. Do not waste your money!!! every time I use it I get a different reading, first 122/78, second 148/78, third 138/82 I took it every 2 minutes according to the instructions.

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