Conair Diamond Brilliance

What is Conair Diamond Brilliance?

Do you wish you had smooth and silky hair? Do you wish your hair was easy to manage and less frizzy? Now there is an amazing new way to get the perfect hair results everyday. Here’s introducing the Conair Diamond Brilliance, a hot paddle brush featuring the Diamond Brilliance Shine System. Conair Diamond Brilliance utilizes diamond-infused ceramic with Ionic technology to transform your hair from rough to smooth in an instant. Conair Diamond Brilliance promises to deliver smooth, silky and luxurious hair results with every use. You are guaranteed to love the results of the Conair Diamond Brilliance hairbrush!


Advanced heat technology

Conair Diamond Brilliance is designed with 3 settings for all types of hair. Conair Diamond Brilliance heats up instantly, reaching up to 400 degrees F to offer quick and easy styling of hair.


Protects against heat damage and eliminates frizz
Featuring advanced ionic conditioning, the Conair Diamond Brilliance hairbrush instantly neutralizes static, protecting against damage from heat and also reducing frizz. This makes it easy to brush and manage your hair.

Enhances manageability of hair
Conair Diamond Brilliance features a powerful combination of nylon, silicone and diamond-infused ceramic bristles to improve manageability of hair and also leave your hair with an incredible level of softness and shine like never before. Conair Diamond Brilliance brush even auto turns-off when you have finished using the brush.

Conair Diamond Brilliance comes with a limited 4-year warranty. Order the Conair Diamond Brilliance brush today and get those hair results you have always wanted!


Conair Diamond Brilliance REVIEW

Using the Conair Diamond Brilliance on curly short hair did straighten it a little bit. Conair Diamond Brilliance should work wonders in long hair. Conair Diamond Brilliance gets really hot. Even after careful handling the Conair Diamond Brilliance brush still burned a finger and scalp.

Used the Conair Diamond Brilliance on short hair, hair that’s right between wavy and curly and it did work well for hair management, such as curling the ends under and reducing the frizz. The Conair Diamond Brilliance brush certainly does not have the straightening effect as compared to a traditional hair straightener with two paddles. Also, the directions say to use 2-inch strands at a time, but the Conair Diamond Brilliance brush is much bigger than that, so the whole process is confusing.

The metal plate of the Conair Diamond Brilliance brush gets heated up to 400 degrees and it has metal nibs that protrude from it. They aren’t quite as long as the bristles, so maybe the idea is that the bristles will keep them away from your head, but in practice when using the Conair Diamond Brilliance as a brush it is likely to burn you. The only way to make it work is by holding your hair away from your head with a different brush, which was awkward and harder than using the flat iron. Overall, Conair Diamond Brilliance brush is a good attempt, but needs a redesign to be useful.

Used the Conair Diamond Brilliance brush on hair that is pretty fine but it didn’t grab the hair very well by just brushing down. You have to get a piece of hair and brush behind it but then you would want to put your other hand on top of the bristles to keep your hair in place and this could burn you.

Put the Conair Diamond Brilliance brush behind the hair to curl it inwards but it felt like it made the hair frizzier and not very shiny. The Conair Diamond Brilliance brush is probably more geared to people who have more curly hair and who want to straighten it more as opposed to hair that is already straight. The Conair Diamond Brilliance is not great to remove frizz.

It’s better than putting your hair between two metal plates but it may burn your hand, and it take twice the amount of time that is should have. The Conair Diamond Brilliance brush will straighten your hair though.

The Conair Diamond Brilliance brush works well at straightening hair that is naturally fairly straight, with some waves. It doesn’t work as well on curly hair — in fact it had fairly minimal effect. The Conair Diamond Brilliance brush heats up very quickly, which is a real benefit. It gets very hot – users need to be really careful not to touch the bristles with their hand, or they will get burnt. The Conair Diamond Brilliance brush is medium weight, and feels solid in your hand. The instructions are very easy to follow. Conair Diamond Brilliance is recommended for your personal care collection, as long as you don’t have curly hair.

Conair Diamond Brilliance is not the same as a flat iron. Conair Diamond Brilliance is far better than the cheap knock-offs that have recently flooded the market. While the Conair Diamond Brilliance brush will give nice results, it is more labor-intensive than the regular flat iron and it does not give the same ribbon-smooth results. But finally this comes down to a matter of taste and what you prefer. However, for a different look, the Conair Diamond Brilliance is an item that you will like and would over and over again for a fuller look for your hair.

The Conair Diamond Brilliance is a perfect and happy medium, after the old round, hot air blower brush. It doesn’t flatten hair. It doesn’t iron totally smooth. The Conair Diamond Brilliance brush doesn’t iron totally smooth. Conair Diamond Brilliance subdues hair to a calm, soft, shininess instead of beating it into submission and a mold. Gone is the frizz. The volume somewhat deflated, but not flattened, still allowing for visual depth and movement. Unruly curls coaxed into the mellowest of waves. Coarseness eased into smoothness with a satiny glow. Conair Diamond Brilliance did not “iron” hair, or even really straighten it. The Conair Diamond Brilliance respects the aspects of hair like the astonishing thickness, the curves and light waves of it, the length and the vibrant health of it while relegating the cranky frizz and the coarseness.


What do I get?
Get Conair Diamond Brilliance just for only $54.99 + Estimated shipping cost $8.95.

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