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Sabrina Bryant, a Copper Derm reviewer, reveals that she saw no improvement in her skin’s appearance even after using it faithfully for an entire month.

A similar complaint is found in Natasha McKinney’s Copper Derm review where she writes that she saw no change in her skin after three weeks of dedicated use.

Pam Luna returned Copper Derm since it failed to do anything. As per her review, she wanted to plump up the skin and reduce the wrinkles on her face. According to her Copper Derm review, it seems that the solution also won’t work well for hereditary thin skin that creates dark circles.

A Copper Derm user, Lorena Cunningham, asserts in her review that after two weeks of use on her skin, the wrinkles on the face and neck are still unaffected. She is disappointed with Copper Derm but says in her review that it might work better on a younger person’s skin.
Mattie Manning, a Copper Derm reviewer, states that there was no substantial difference in her skin or the area around her eyes. Her concern is whether Copper Derm failed on her skin only or generally doesn’t work since it has rave reviews and praises by other users.

One other user, Josephine Quinn, highlights her frustration in her Copper Derm review. She sought it as a replacement for an expensive peptide serum but found it ineffective. In her review, she mentions that Copper Derm might be even counterproductive since her skin feels less hydrated.

One other reviewer, Joan Garza, claims that Copper Derm has a horrible and musty smell.

Estelle Gardner calls Copper Derm a waste of money in her review since it fails to show any effect. It might be cheap with respect to other solutions but fails to do anything to the skin.

A review by Thelma Munoz states that she didn’t see any difference after using Copper Derm but is glad that there was no reaction or breakout. According to her review, she wanted Copper Derm to help firm her skin but saw no improvement whatsoever.

Irma Brock, a Copper Derm reviewer, is staying positive till she finishes the bottle. But after three weeks of use, there is no substantial difference in her skin’s quality.

Sherri Hansen has a different opinion about Copper Derm. In her review, she says that the solution hasn’t worked on her skin at all. Instead, she is seeing some type of breakout on the face.


Copper Derm Questions and Answers

Q. What are the different ingredients in Copper Derm?
A. There are no ingredients mentioned on the manufacturer’s website. It already fails as a skincare solution and the lack of information makes it come across as a scam.

Q. How long does the bottle last for use after a derma rolling treatment?
A. There is no information available regarding the quantity of this serum.

Q. How quickly do results start to show up after using Copper Derm?
A. Not sure, most reviews claim that there is no change or effect on the skin after use.

Q. Should Copper Derm be applied before rolling or after rolling the facial skin?
A. It can be applied before or after.

Q. Does Copper Derm come with “not tested on animals” disclaimer?
A. There is no way of knowing due to the lack of information available.

Q. Does Copper Derm smell?
A. Yes, it has an unpleasant odor.

Q. Will it work on stretch marks?
A. There is no review that mentions if it is effective on stretch marks or not.

Q. How long is Copper Derm effective?
A. The infomercial claims 8 hours but there is no way of saying if it’s accurate.

Q. Can Copper Derm be used around and under the eye?
A. Yes.

Can it be used overnight?
Yes, it can be used as a part of skincare routine in morning and at night.

Q. Should Copper Derm be refrigerated?
A. No.

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