What is Core Max?

It’s a new work out machine that helps one shape up with just eight minutes of daily use. The makers of Core Max proclaim that it is the perfect exercise equipment that melts all the fat accumulated at wrong places and makes you slimmer and fitter.



The Easy Way to Burn Fat

Core Max comes with a power-assisted spring that helps you perform crunches by striking the right balance in both directions. According to its designers, it focuses on your upper, middle and lower obliques as you move up and down.


Eight Muscle-burning Exercises
Core Max is equipped to help you perform eight muscle-burning exercises in just eight minutes a day and also perform the perfect push-ups while shaping the core. The makers of Core Max guarantee that it will speed up chiselling your shoulders, triceps and arms. In addition to that, Core Max will also shape the lower part and legs while toning your inner thighs.


Three Levels of Resistance
Core Max aims to make it easy for you to exercise with three levels of resistance, which is necessary for complete workout. Core Max is also easy to fold and store so using it becomes all the more convenient.


Core Max Questions and Answers

Q. Does Core Max really help perform sit ups and crunches better?
Answer: It’d be better of you don’t rely on it and workout on your own.

Q. Is it ok to use Core Max if I’m experiencing neck pain?
A. No.

Q. Are instructions provided along with the product?
Answer: Yes. A small poster with directions for performing exercises and a DVD are provided with it.

Q. How much weight can Core Max bear?
Answer: Approximately 150 lbs.

Q. Does Core Max work the abs? Is there a chance of slipping while it’s being used? Does it rub against the back and hurt?
Answer: Yes, Core Max works the abs. It’s heavily padded and comes with tension adjustment and non-slip features, so it’s safe to use.

Q How much weight can it handle?
Answer: Easily up to 200 lbs.

Q. Does Core Max come with a mat?
Answer: No, it doesn’t.

Q. Can using Core Max hurt the back?
Answer: No, you can rest assured that it won’t.

Q. Can I use Core Max like a bike?
Answer: Yes, you can. It’ll get your legs to work out quite you’d while riding a bike.

Q. So I need to tighten the tension while using Core Max or use bands separately for that?
Answer: No. Core Max uses a spring system which can be adjusted smoothly by turning a knurled knob. No bands are required for it. You’ll gradually figure out how much resistance you apply.

Q. Will I get the 30-min DVD and nutritional guide when I purchase Core Max?

Q. Does Core Max come assembled?
Answer: Yes. You just need to tighten it as per the intensity you require for exercising.

Q. Does Core Max make noise?
Answer:No, it doesn’t.

Q. I ‘m middle-aged and have a slight wear in my hip bone. I also suffer from lower back pain. Can I use Core Max?
Answer:Please consult your doctor for that.

Q. The foam rollers hurt my back when I do the ab work. What should I do?
Answer: You probably need to first get used to working out on Core Max. For now, please keep something soft on the foam rollers while exercising and remove it after some days. See if it helps.

Q. What is the seat measurement of Core Max? My hips are 52 inches.
Answer:The seat measures 17 inches. Please check with the sellers what you can do.

Q. Does Core Max help in toning thighs and butt?
Answer:Not really. It’s basically meant for working the core muscle group- the upper,middle and lower obliques.



Core Max has received mix reviews from users. While some users are fairly satisfied with its design, others have reported experiencing various problems while using it.

Core Max, some users say, has ‘failed’ them as it is difficult to adapt to and uncomfortable to use. Some are aghast at the advertisements of Core Max, which they say are totally misleading and false. Some say that Core Maxis only a spring loaded device with a tensioner, which itself is hard to adjust. Some have also commented that Core Max cannot be used as a bicycle even though it’s supposed to function as one. Using Core Max to work out on abs also hurts the lower back even while doing sit-ups. One user actually said that he can feel the machine pushing against his kidneys.

Another person has complained about the condition Core Max arrived in. He says itdidn’t come attached with tension knobs.The packaging of Core Max was also loose and one of the plastic caps on the bottom arm was. He also finds it difficult to set the same level of tension on both sides of Core Max. Another customer says that due to the odd design of the split bar at the back of the machine,he’s started getting regular backache ever since he’s using it.

Core Max, according to other users also isn’t smooth or comfortable. It tends to slip while being used no matter on which surface it is kept on. Since it is split at the back, if you don’t get the technique of pushing it right at the proper level, it can hurt your back.

There’s one reviewer who calls Core Max a strictly average work out equipment. He feels Core Max should have been designed to offer better resistance and remain stable. It shifts around and makes squeaky noise while being used. Another customer who bought Core Max recounts how the initial excitement he felt when it was delivered turned into disappointment. He found that the knob on one side of the machine was very stiff. He spent 10 minutes to get one of the bars up. When he adjusted both bars at the same resistance level, one of them went higher and wouldn’t come down. He’s still finding it difficult to use Core Max.

Another user feels that Core Maxis made of cheaper quality material,and it can break anytime.Its foam rollers on the moving handles also move around too much, due to which his hands keep slipping off the roller. He’s not very happy with its non-expandable resistant feature and the small seating space. He also thinks one can’t perform an intense and vigorous work outwith Core Max.

One reviewer says that if one uses Core Max with single-minded dedication, it can give great results. He’s satisfied with the back support that Core Max provides.However, he says that Core Max should have better padding and its springs shouldn’t make noise.

Core Max apparently needs a major overhaul, if one goes by the observations of some more reviewers. One user has complained how difficult it is getting to turn the level knob of Core Max. His hands get hurt even when he tries to move his Core Max a bit. At times he just lets it be, exercises for a while and forgets about it.

A user of shorter stature says how much she struggles to use Core Max on lesser resistance level. Since her arms are small, she can’t perform certain exercises. She actually stands on a stool to complete her work out with Core Max.

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