Creatista Plus vs Lattissima Pro

Compare what is it? Creatista Plus vs Lattissima Pro

Creatista Plus and Lattissima Pro by Nespresso are coffee machines that make a perfectly portioned cup of professional quality coffee. These machines have an innovative system that is simple and user-friendly for selecting between various types of coffee.
Creatista Plus comes with advanced milk texturing technology that helps in creating top-quality Latte Art coffee.


Compare what does it do? Creatista Plus vs Lattissima Pro

Both Creatista Plus and Lattissima Pro are designed to offer various types of coffees from cappuccinos to lattes. They come with an intuitive user interface that offers an easy selection between the broad ranges of coffee recipes.

Creatista Plus is designed for creating amazing Latte Art coffees with the help of its milk texturing technology. This portioned coffee machine has a micro-foaming system that helps in selecting an appropriate temperature for milk to design unique Latte art. The system has a high-end, robust design that comes with a refined brushed stainless steel finish. For the Latte Art micro-foaming, a stainless steel barista milk jug with a pour spout is provided along. Cleaning the system is also easy and is complemented with an automatic purge of steam wand after each use.

Lattissima Pro is designed for creating smooth, creamy coffees at the touch of a button. Its touchscreen enabled body is enhanced further with a minimalistic, robust design with an aluminum finish. It has a detachable automatic milk frother that whisks the milk and pours it into the cup while the coffee brews to add perfect taste.


Compare Features: Creatista Plus vs Lattissima Pro

Creatista Plus

It comes with an advanced milk frothing system that automatically froths milk like a barista. The machine provides 8 texture levels and 11 different milk temperatures settings for various designs. Coffee lovers don’t have to wait up with its fast heating system that heats in only 3 seconds to instantaneously switch from espresso to froth. It creates a barista-style coffee every time with the help of its patented extraction system that functions with a pressure of up to 19 bars. Its interface of rotating selection displays the option on its colored, highly intuitive TFT interface that assists and guides in selection between various options easily and quickly.

Nespresso offers a capsule system in the machine that delivers amazing taste and unique aromas. These high-quality coffees are placed inside a hermetically sealed and recyclable aluminum capsule. There are various aromas that are offered to try from with an option of 8 beverages to choose from. They are ristretto, espresso, lungo, latte, cappuccino, flat white, latte macchiato, and milk froth. It not only delivers rich coffee but also has an intelligent, automatic steam wand that helps create custom latte art.
There is an option to adjust the temperature of milk and quality of froth for flat whites, cappuccinos, and latte.

With and Assisted Clean System and self-cleaning mechanism of wand after each use, this machine is pretty user-friendly when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. The entire body comes with BPA free materials and sits safely in a dimension of 6.7″L x 16.1″ D x 12.2″ H. It accommodates 10 capsules in its container and has a large 1.5 L water tank capacity to avoid frequent refills. For convenience sake, a small pop-out cup shelf is made available to hold smaller cups. This machine comes with energy saving system that shuts off power automatically after 10 minutes of idle time.


Lattissima Pro

This machine offers rich, creamy barista-style coffee with the help of 19 bar pressure and gets ready to serve in just 25 seconds. It has an advanced steamer technology that creates delicious beverages with optimal milk froth quality at the touch of a button. The smart aluminum finish system comes with an intuitive touchscreen with clear text that guides the user for easy selection between various options.

The system offers a 17 oz. milk container that can be stored in a refrigerator. This machine is easy to maintain as it comes with dishwasher safe milk system components and an auto clean system. Also, there is an internal bin that stores used pods so that there is no need to empty after every cup. Assessed by International Certification body, it is energy saving and has an automatic power off mode that turns it off after 9 minutes idle time.


Compare Heating System: Creatista Plus vs Lattissima Pro

Creatista Plus

It has a printed element steam wand that automatically generates steam and controls it with milk temperature sensing.

Lattissima Pro

The machine comes with a fast heat-up technology.


Compare Heating Time: Creatista Plus vs Lattissima Pro

Creatista Plus – It gets heated in mere 3 seconds duration.

Lattissima Pro – It takes about 25 seconds to heat up for an espresso and requires an additional 15 seconds for milk.


Compare Water Tank Capacity: Creatista Plus vs Lattissima Pro

Creatista Plus – It comes with a 1.5L/50 oz. Removable tank

Lattissima Pro – The machine has an approximately 1.3 L/44 oz. removable water tank.


Compare Milk Container Capacity: Creatista Plus vs Lattissima Pro

Creatista Plus – The Creatista Plus machine offers 10 capsule capacity with a 460 ml milk jug with levels marked inside. They are placed at 150 ml minimum and 250 ml maximum.

Lattissima Pro – It can accommodate up to 17oz. the quantity of milk.


Compare Design: Creatista Plus vs Lattissima Pro

Creatista Plus – This stylish machine comes with a robust, high-gloss finish. The barista milk jug is made from high-quality stainless steel material with a spout that is specifically designed to create café quality micro-foam for designer Latte Art.

Lattissima Pro – This Lattissima Pro coffee machine has a brushed aluminum finish with a metal drip tray and a drop-down espresso cup support design. It has a hot water spout that is concealed in a recess at the side with a separate door. It also fits in the milk carafe that can be clicked in and removed with ease.


Compare Settings: Creatista Plus vs Lattissima Pro

Creatista Plus – It features 11 different milk temperature settings for creating the latte art. The machine also comes with 4 frothed milk drink settings that create flat white that has steamed milk aka a café au lait and espresso, café latte that has steamed milk with a little foam and espresso, a cappuccino with steam foam and espresso, and latte machiatto that comprises of milk at the bottom, foam on the top with espresso and simply steam.

Lattissima Pro – This Nespresso machine is pre-programmed to provide 6 types of drinks – ristretto, espresso, lungo, cappuccino, latte, and hot milk. The touchscreen system helps in even customizing the drinks and control how strong the coffee should be. There is also a hot water option that can be used to make various teas or hot chocolate.


Compare Pressure: Creatista Plus vs Lattissima Pro

Both these Nespresso machines, Creatista Plus and Lattissima Pro offer barista-style coffee with the help of a patented extraction system that delivers up to 19 bars of pressure.


Compare Power: Creatista Plus vs Lattissima Pro

Creatista Plus – It uses 220 – 240 Volts of AC power. The machine also features an energy-saving technology that turns the power off after 10 minutes.

Lattissima Pro – It requires 1300 Watts to perform optimally and also has an energy-saving technology that automatically shuts it off after 9 minutes.


Compare Cleaning: Creatista Plus vs Lattissima Pro

Creatista Plus – It features a fast, self-cleaning system that cleans the wand after each use. For other parts, the cup support and insides of the machine can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The removable water tank can be cleaned using an odorless detergent and rinsed with warm water. The milk jug can be simply rinsed and dried or if required washed using a mild detergent. After cleaning, fill the milk jug with potable water between the minimum and maximum marks. Switch on the machine and use it in the MILK function. Once done, the hot water should be discarded and the steam wand should be cleaned with a damp cloth. These parts should not be placed in the dishwasher or immersed in water or any type of cleaning solution. The parts cleaned with a damp cloth should be dried out before reassembly.

Lattissima Pro – This machine is low maintenance since it comes with a semi-automatic daily cleaning technology.


Compare Warranty: Creatista Plus vs Lattissima Pro

Both, Creatista Plus and Lattissima Pro come with 2 years of warranty.


Compare Certifications: Creatista Plus vs Lattissima Pro

Creatista Plus – None.

Lattissima Pro – It is assessed by International Certification Body


Compare Price: Creatista Plus vs Lattissima Pro

Creatista Plus – $494.19

Lattissima Pro – £429.00


Compare Reviews: Creatista Plus vs Lattissima Pro

Creatista Plus REVIEW

A Creatista Plus review by a customer reveals that the automatic frothing system did not work at all. Even though the user tried to set the frother from 1 to 8, it would froth the milk in the same amount. The froth itself was very little since the output was mostly milk. Since the machine is known to be excellent at frothing, the user suspects it being a faulty piece.

Another customer who bought Creatista Plus says that the system works very well although it takes time to learn how to adjust the volumes and temperature.

One other review by a user states that Creatista Plus is pretty complicated and confusing to use. The user suggests that it has some design issues and will require a lot of servicing that may or may not be covered under the warranty.

A frustrated coffee lover discloses in her review that the coffee from Creatista Plus is lukewarm in nature and doesn’t really bring out the rich taste or aroma from it.

Another user complains in his Creatista Plus review that the pod container is a little small and fills it quickly after 2 or 3 pods. Also, the amount of plastic wasted in the pods doesn’t make it a viable option. The user also noticed some marks inside that looks like rust that doesn’t get cleaned.

One reviewer reveals that the placement of display and selection knob on the top side of Creatista Plus makes it a little inaccessible for shorter individuals.

A Creatista Plus reviewer discloses that its steam wand with auto purge function is automatic and there is no option to just turn it on and off. Also, the jug has to be kept under the sensor and cannot be moved for texturing the milk. But the user does say in the review that Creatista Plus does make a decent texture and stays creamy as well.

Another Creatista Plus review states that the steam wand keeps blocking after coffee creation even though it has an automatic purging system. Also to clean, the steam tip removal tool is placed under the water reservoir that requires a partial dismantling of the coffee machine. Another inconvenient feature of Creatista Plus mentioned in the review is that the purging mechanism fills up the tray quickly and requires emptying twice or more per week.


Lattissima Pro REVIEW

A Lattissima Pro review asserts that the milk warming is variable and sometimes might take longer than usual. The user also faced a situation where the LED screen stated that there was a need for repair just after 2 weeks and it took another 2 weeks for Nespresso to fix it. The user further complains that even after descaling and maintaining it regularly for a year, Lattissima Pro has started to develop a chemical taste.

One other customer states that Lattissima Pro needs an improvement in terms of having a cup warmer on the top. According to this review, the coffee doesn’t get hot especially when it is a milk-based drink. The user does use the hot water dispenser and runs a cycle of hot water through the machine and into the cup.

Another user found Lattissima Pro noisy when it makes the coffee. His review also reveals that the spout on the milk container is a little difficult during reassembling after cleaning it. He also further states that the milk container doesn’t clean well since it is hard to reach all the areas due to its shape.

As per the review of a customer, Lattissima Pro has a very sensitive LCD panel that is placed on top and is too easy to start. She has by mistake started the coffee a couple of times due to such a design. The review also states that the water reservoir is a little too slender to really pour purified water into it from a pitcher. Although the user admits that this design is engineered to make it sleeker.

One customer warns in his Lattissima Pro review that it is not a drip coffee maker and an espresso machine. It is not meant to make 12 to 16 oz. of coffee but is suitable for small lattes, cappuccinos, and Americanos in the 1 to 6 oz. capacity.

Another review by a user complains that she replaced Lattissima Pro 3 times and it still dispenses water by itself without pushing any buttons.

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