Curve Secret REVIEW

What is Curve Secret?

It is a soft, dual-stretch lace undergarment that is slipped over both thighs separately to prevent chafing. No More Pain and Discomfort of Chafing. Curve Secret has been designed for women to put an end to chafing while wearing dresses or shorts. Most women experience the discomfort due to rubbing of thighs, which the makers of Curve Secret claim will not occur anymore when this undergarment is worn over thighs.



Comfortable, Soft and Easy to Use

Curve Secret guarantees the ultimate comfort and protection as it’s made from breathable, dual-stretch lace and is gently threaded with silicone. The lace from which Curve Secret is made is silky smooth and softly slinks against clothes. That helps Curve Secret provide a fine, flattering feel and also boost confidence when worn.


Remains Invisible and Intact, Fits Most Sizes
Curve Secret is designed to be unnoticeable throughout so there’s no need to worry at all when worn. The colors are nude, black and red, so it can be matched with various outfits. Curve Secret also remains in place all day without clinging too hard. In addition to that, it fits virtually any size, from 2 to 22, so anyone can wear it.


Curve Secret Review

Excerpts from Curve Secret Reviews
“Curve Secret is good in theory, but they just don’t stay up!”

“Curve Secret chafes thighs badly. It is not recommended at all.”

“Curve Secret fall downs. They’re not wide enough to get the job done.”

“Curve Secret is really ill-fitting.”

“Curve Secret was great the first time of use, every time after that it curls up on itself and makes it worthless to use.”

“The sizing chart is way off. Curve Secret comes very large. If you like, order at least 2-3 sizes smaller than recommended.”

“Was never able to wear the Curve Secret they were far too large, even after using their measurement suggestions to order.”

“Wore the lace ones daily for a week. Size C was true to size, very comfortable to wear with no sliding if you angle just a little bit. No chafing whatsoever wearing these with a dress. Not scratchy. The lace will absolutely not hold up and shows wear and tear (pilling, fuzziness, loose strands that tangle together after a couple days). Curve Secret held up to washing and drying with no problem. Even with the lace not holding up very well, Curve Secret is recommended as they are comfortable and a reliable solution for comfort.”

“The smooth ones used to be great. When Curve Secret first came out, the sticky stuff on the inside was in little multiple thin strips, and they worked great! The newest versions have one strip of sticky stuff on the top and bottom and when stretched over your thighs have a tendency to roll up as a result. You will constantly have to adjust it and your thighs will rub on the sticky no slip material when the bandlettes roll up.”

“Curve Secret does not work for me at all. The Curve Secret bands are way too small for the thighs and may pinch you. The sticky elastic that is supposed to hold the lace in place doesn’t stick well and caused the bandlettes to roll up. When placed on the part of the inner thigh that rubs, the lace was very abrasive on the skin and was actually more painful than the original thigh rub. Curve Secret is very disappointing.”

“Curve Secret is not good at all, they slide down. If you’re looking for something for chafing try Jockey slip shorts.”

“Curve Secret concept is great but after wearing them there were small abrasions on the inside of the thighs and days later they still hurt. Curve Secret is so disappointing.”

“Lace ones are good if you plan on wearing them for less than a couple hours. If you wear the Curve Secret for more than a couple hours it will tear your skin where the thighs rub together under the elastic.”

“Curve Secret shows under your clothes. You can only use these with flowy skirts or A-line skirts. They have plastic bands. Curve Secret is lined with plastic.”

“Tried them once but couldn’t get them to stay on and prevent chafing.”


Curve Secret Questions and Answers

Q. Is the Curve Secret hot to wear and does it make you sweat more, aka uncomfortable when needed most on humid 90 degree days?
A. Have worn the Curve Secret on a hot, humid day and the lace was pretty breathable, so they were fine when they stayed in place. Unfortunately, the Curve Secret rolled up pretty quickly. Curve Secret would work a lot better if there were several lines of silicone instead of just one at the top and one at the bottom.

Q. Does the Curve Secret smooth out the look of cellulite through jeans?
A. Not sure but probably not. If anything the Curve Secret would be more noticeable, unless you have extremely firm thighs.

Q. Can you see the Curve Secret band through white pants?
A. If you get the nude Curve Secret (the lightest one) you wouldn’t be able to see them (just like a nude bra or underwear).

Q. I’ve burned through nylon leggings in a matter of a month. Do these see a significant resistance to tearing up where they rub?
A. Curve Secret is pretty resistant.

Q. Are the Curve Secret bands noticeable under clingy dresses?
A. Curve Secret is not noticeable under clingy dresses, they are very discreet.

Q. The lace ones look like they might be more irritating, but the smooth ones seem hot. Which one do you recommend?
A. Curve Secret is not irritating, but cheap fabric, snags easily, and not worth the cost.

Q. Can you wear Curve Secret under jeans or pants?
A. Yes. Have worn these under jeans and they proved to be a savior for thighs that still jeans/pants chew up after 8-10 hour days walking in high heat.

Q. Can you wear Curve Secret running? I have running shorts that I won’t wear because of my thighs chafing.
A. Used the Curve Secret to power walk miles a day and it caused a pretty bad rash where the lace rubs. It is probably better to get the plain bands for running, not the lace bands.

Q. How do you wash Curve Secret? I don’t want the stickiness of the top and bottom rows to go away.
A. It is suggested to hand wash the Curve Secret bands with mild soap or detergent and air dry. Washers and dryers destroy silicone.

Q. How can I reattach the silicon bands after they fall off over time?
A. The silicone bands do not seem like they will come off. If you do end up wearing them out, at this great price, just buy a new pair.

Q. Has anyone stopped the Curve Secret bands from rolling up? They won’t stay on properly and I really don’t want to have to send them back.
A. No idea.

Q. Has everyone had issues with the lace design rashes? I really want the pretty pair, but not if it negates the purpose of purchase.
A. Yes! If you have legs that rub against each other and sweat, the lace gets embedded in your leg and it’s quite painful to get off.

Q. Are the Curve Secret bands slimming?
A. Curve Secret is not slimming.

Q. How are the Curve Secret bands with tight skirts? Are they seamless?
A. There is one seam that you can put at your inner or outer thigh. Curve Secret is a slick material and doesn’t dig into thighs when you wear them so they would be pretty discreet with tight skirts (as long as the skirt isn’t too short).


What do I get?
Get two Curve Secret for 14.99 + $7.99 S&H and You’ll get the Curve Secret in Nude plus in Black.
Get three Curve Secret for $14.99 + $7.99 S&H + $7.99 Fee You’ll get the Curve Secret in Nude, Black, AND Red!at Official Website:

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  1. These are a joke right? The video shows shorts being worn,that is never addressed.I dont see how these could work in the first place.Much less be one size fits 2-22.If you have this problem they sell slips that are made to look like shorts.You could also wear a pair of leggings or biker shorts.I find this to insult our intelligence,but who am I to tell you how to spend your money.

  2. How does one get their name one a list to test products out?I sure would love to be a tester.I would keep it real.Have been a single mother busting butt to raise two girls and pay off a house.I have no extra money to waste on things that dont work.Like my current problem is finding a new sports bra,ha! ha!.Im a big chested woman and need support,but cant spend 130 for a bra or wait Oprah gives reviews on things.Ok could she buy them for us too?Im not mad people have money I dont,but let’s maybe do a high end and a low end.I shop at Target,Penny’s,T.J Maxx,Marshalls,stores like that.I even second hand shop for things.

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