Dancing Sunflowers

What is Dancing Sunflowers?

Dancing Sunflowers are a unique solar-powered plant designed to dance back and forth when exposed to direct sunlight. The flowers work solely off solar power and have a solar panel that powers the unit. Simply place the Dancing Sunflowers on your desk, your windowsill or your car and it adds life to any room or area. Dancing Sunflowers are guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face. Dancing Sunflowers require no batteries, water, and no electric cords. The Dancing Sunflower comes in a decorative pot and colored base. Simply choose between two types of sunflowers or get one of each. You cannot choose the vase colors, it will be chosen randomly at the time of shipment.


Leave in the sun all day

The battery has a maximum internal temperature of 32-104 degrees F so you can leave the Dancing Sunflowers in the sun all day. Make sure the battery does not get hotter than 104 degrees. The solar panel is designed to handle much higher temperatures than that however it is recommended to keep it under shade if possible.


Great gift for everyone
You kids will be fascinated with the Dancing Sunflowers for hours together. The Dancing Sunflowers make a great gift to give teachers, florists, business people and more! Order the Dancing Sunflowers today!


Dancing Sunflowers Q and A

How tall are the Dancing Sunflowers?
They are about 4 inches tall.

Is there any way to know what pot color will be received?
It doesn’t matter what color pot you receive as long as the flower is the right one. Try putting the Dancing Sunflowers in a spot that sees more sun.


Dancing Sunflowers Review

Only one of the two Dancing Sunflowers worked, even in direct sunlight. It is a piece of overpriced junk.

Dancing Sunflowers are cute, quiet and very slow moving. The Dancing Sunflowers are so slow that it is hard to tell they are moving unless you are sitting there. This may not be a bad thing for the office but may not be ideal for use elsewhere.

The Dancing Sunflowers didn’t work with the solar dancing part, and the sunflower was broken when received. There was a piece in the package that didn’t seem to fit anywhere, and the leaves didn’t move when the flower moved. They were not attached to the flower. Maybe the Dancing Sunflowers are not the most expensive things, but at least hoped that they worked.

This would have been cute, but it was already broken when received. One of the leaves was hanging out, not attached to anything and the flower part fell off. Over all it was very low quality.

The Dancing Sunflowers broke immediately.

The Dancing Sunflowers are cute but didn’t work in the car. It didn’t work in the car even with the sun shining directly on it.

The paint on the face of the sun was kind of bad and the Dancing Sunflowers only worked for two days.

The solar doesn’t work. Dancing Sunflowers have cheap looking poor graphics and a negligible finish of the flower face.

Dancing Sunflowers are very poorly made. They do not work. Flower and leaves will not move when placed in light.

Dancing Sunflowers are made of terrible quality.

The Dancing Sunflowers leans to one side so it does not dance properly. The face is askew, as if mounted in haste so the face is very crooked.

Dancing Sunflowers is a great dancing flower, but one of the petals stopped working after about 6 months.

Dancing Sunflowers arrived dead. Even after placing it near a super sunny window nothing happened!

Dancing Sunflowers are very poor Chinese quality. The arms barely move even if in direct sun light. The face appears to be painted by a 2-year old.

The dancing sunflower doesn’t work well. Either the petals move and the face doesn’t or face moves and the petals don’t. Very disappointed

The Dancing Sunflowers melted in the car from the sun.

The Dancing Sunflowers are great so thought of buying one with a happy face. The sad part is that the molding and paint on the plastic is low-quality. There is a defect in the molding (there’s a big plastic “bump” on one of the petals) and the eyes were not painted on properly. The ink for the eyes bleeds out of the eye socket, and gives the flower a mean looking face.


What do I get?
Buy Dancing Sunflowers just for only 19.99 + 3.99 P/H .also includes high efficiency solar panel which powers the unit.

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