What is Deversal?

DeVersal is a mobile device holder designed with a 360 degree pivoting head rotation that you can mount almost anywhere. The DeVersal universal phone clamp holds any smart phone and the micro suction grip attachment is ideal for tablets. DeVersal is perfect for all Apple and Android tablets and phones.



Deversal CLAIMS

The fully adjustable angle and length – 360 pivoting head allows you to use your phone to shoot any video or view from any angle. This ensures safer viewing, fewer obstructions and no strain on the neck.


Use everywhere

You can use DeVersal on almost any surface. Deversal is a 6-in-1 mobile device holder that you can use on your desk/table top, car, or when you are on the go!

It works as a car mount, selfie stick, tripod, tablet stand, and more.


How to use?

With its multi-faceted mounting options, the DeVersal easily sticks or attaches to any surface so you can use your device hands-free.
1. Attach the suction cup to any smooth surface such as a windshield, wall, counter top or desk.
2. Twist the secure lock suction grip knob to lock the DeVersal in place.
3. The DeVersal securely locks into place.


Compact and Portable

DeVersal is portable and collapses with ease. This makes it easy to take the stand from a car GPS holder to a desktop stand for watching movies or reading your favorite e-book.

Order the DeVersal today!


Deversal Reviews

Deversal is awful. You will have a hard time putting it together and it has trouble staying securely on a desk or surface.

It is a bad product. The locking clip won’t stay locked causing your phone to fall and break. It is difficult to use when the phone is attached to it.

Deversal worked great for a few weeks, but then the little plastic clip that locks the device broke making it completely useless.

The clip broke after a little use.

Can’t use Deversal on the Lexus. There is no straight or perpendicular surface to clamp it on.

Terrible grip and it would not stay adhered to anything.

Deversal did not work properly at all. It is loose and will not hold a phone.

Deversal isn’t capable of holding the iphone’s weight. It is totally worthless.

The grip doesn’t stay. Whenever you put your phone on it, it will loosen and go down.

Deversal is not strong enough to hold a phone. It is useless.

Deversal is a little hard to use. The holder is not strong enough.

Deversal works well for the purpose but will definitely shake if bumped or anything like that.

Don’t buy Deversal for the iPhone 6 Plus. It wobbles and tilts down and is too heavy for a holder.

Deversal is unnecessarily heavy, too long, not flexible and difficult to use.

It will not fit an apple 6+ with a thin skin cover. The clip is wimpy and barely functional.

Deversal is bulky and hard to maneuver. Additionally, the clip to attach it to the car is not that easy to use either.

Deversal is badly designed. The clip doesn’t grip anything and can’t stay up under its own weight, let alone when attached to a phone.

It is too stiff to bend and too slippery to stick to any place.

Deversal is not good for the car because it doesn’t attach anywhere. Even if you did find somewhere to attach it, it would shake way too much.


Deversal Q and A

Can Deversal hold an iPhone up completely extended?

No, the weight of the phone will bring it down but one or two twists of positioning will work.

Can Deversal hold an iphone 5c?


How sturdy is Deversal in the car? Will it shake or vibrate as I drive?

It claims to be sturdy and should not fall out of position. If you adjust it properly and prop it against something it should not vibrate or shake as you drive.

Will Deversal hold a 6″ fire Tablet?

No it will not, it barely holds the Galaxy 6 edge plus.

Will Deversal work for a Samsung S6 phone?

Quite sure it will.

Will Deversal hold a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with a case?

It opens as much as 3 3/4 inches wide, approximately.

Can it hold a 4th gen iPod?

It will but not sure for how long it will work.


What do I get?
The DeVersal + Hip Holder $29.99 + $6.95 P&H.+ The Steady Cam Shoulder Straps Free Just Pay Separate $4.95 P&H

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