Dipsy Dabber REVIEW

What is Dipsy Dabber?

It’s a handy container that makes paint touch-up and storage easy and quick. If you need to give touch-ups to your walls regularly, start using Dipsy Dabber instead of doing it the traditional way.



Dipsy Dabber CLAIMS

Your Perfect Painting Solution – Dipsy Dabber is a uniquely designed paint storage container that has a lid with a little built-in paint brush screwed on it. Once you pour some paint into Dipsy Dabber (12 oz. i.e. approximately 1 1/2 cups), you can apply touch-up coats straightaway from it without any painting implements and hassles.

Air Tight and Compact Container – The makers of Dipsy Dabber say that it’s an air tight container so you don’t have to worry about paint turning dry. Dipsy Dabber is also a lightweight, space-saving container that makes it really easy to give touch-ups. Also, you can transfer paint information on its surface to have important details handy.

Non-messy and Easy to Use
Dipsy Dabber does not allow any paint to be spilt or wasted. You can apply touch-ups on affected areas with the brush and then close the lid tight. That means you won’t have to clean up after use. Dipsy Dabber thus makes your touch-up job not only easy but also quick.


What do I get?
Buy 1 Dibsy Dabber for $5.00 at the Official website – DipsyDabber.com


Dibsy Dabber Questions & Answers

Q – For how long would the paint stored in Dipsy Dabber last? Can the paint turn dry after some months?
A – If the top and brush lid are closed tight, your paint can last long. Good quality paint can be stored in these containers for touch-up purpose later.

Q – The company website of Dipsy Dabber clearly states that the capacity of this product is 12 oz. However, the company otherwise has stated that it’s10 oz.
A – In all probability, the capacity is 12 oz.

Q – Is Dipsy Dabber a set of empty containers? I already have some paint color and need to buy only empty containers.
A – Of course. Dipsy Dabber is a set of empty containers made to store your own colors in. No colors are provided with it.

Q – Is the capacity of Dipsy Dabber 1 quart or something?
A – It’s about 10 oz.

Q – Does Dipsy Dabber come attached with an applicator or should I get a brush separately?
A – A brush comes attached inside the lid. Think of a nail polish bottle- that’s the concept of these containers’ design.

Q – Can I store oil base paint in Dipsy Dabber?
A – They’re actually made for Latex-based paints.


Dibsy Dabber Reviews

Dipsy Dabber has been appreciated by several customers. Others have said that Dipsy Dabber is great for minor touch-up tasks. They find it handy and very to use. However, they feel that its brush needs to be changed. It’s too small for touch-ups.

A customer wrote in complaining that Dipsy Dabber is too small, just like its brush. He says he has to keep filling it up several times. He thinks that its size should’ve been bigger.
Dipsy Dabber, according to other customers, is designed wrongly as its brush is way too long. They say that the tip of the brush touches the base of the container. Its brush isn’t straight due to pressure and it’s making the touching-up work difficult.

One customer has said that half of the paint he stored in Dipsy Dabber dried up within a month. He also says that the lid of Dipsy Dabber doesn’t have an airtight seal. He’s really disappointed with its quality and performance.

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