Dipsy Dabber

What is Dipsy Dabber?

It claims to be a great container that stores small quantity of paint so you can access it easily for quick touch-ups of scuffed or nicked paint.



Dipsy Dabber CLAIMS


Easy touch-up
Dipsy Dabber proclaims to be a smart container that stores a portion of your paint after the job is done. This helps in saving some backup paint for touch-ups in case the paint on walls gets scuffed. Dipsy Dabber states to have a built-in paint brush that is perfect for applying over smaller areas. Dipsy Dabber assures that there is no worry of paint going dry with its air-tight system. There are no user reviews available to attest to its claims right now.


Exclusive features:
Dipsy Dabber guarantees to be a stackable container that fits in compact spaces while storing about 1 ½ cups of paint for later use. The wider mouth of Dipsy Dabber alleges to be perfect for pouring in paint and even using a bigger brush with it. More shall be revealed once Dipsy Dabber is reviewed. Dipsy Dabber declares to provide a section to put paint info on the container in case the paint has to be repurchased. How effective is Dipsy Dabber shall be revealed once it has been reviewed.


What do I get?
Buy Dipsy Dabber just for only $5.99 each at Official Website:dipsydabber.com

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